English Springer Spaniel Open Trial 18.10.2016

dsc_1351The Arfon Working Gundog Club held an Open Stake for 16 English Springer Spaniels on the 18th October 2016 at Glasfryn Estate, Pwllheli, Gwynedd by kind permission of Mr Gwilym Jones.

The judges were Mr Barry A Jones and Mr Terry Frost. Chief Steward Colin Torr.
I would like to thank our host, the judges, the guns and competitors for helping to make is a successful day. Also thanks to our sponsors CSJ Specialist Caning Feeds for providing gifts for the winner and also to Gary McCarthy of Gundog Gear for his support.


First – Ian Openshaw handling Simon Dixon’s Rytex Reba ESSB
Second – Frank Wilson with Dawsonlee Gemini ESSB
Third – Ian Openshaw with Rytex Riggle ESSB
COMs – Bill Allen with Edwardiana Mercedes ESSD, Frank Wilson with Clarborgh Rosie ESSB
Huw Jones with Skersmoor Augustus ESSD
Picture shows L-R Huw Jones, Bill Allen, Ian Openshaw & Frank Wilson

A Way with Dogs. What’s it all about?


Our new filmed 4-part Sheepdog Trial series

We’re very excited to be launching our own series of Sheepdog Trial programmes called ‘A Way with Dogs’.

Inspired by Ceri Rundle and her late father’s (H.Glyn Jones) own experiences in Sheepdog Trialling, Ceri wanted to launch a new type of filmed Sheepdog Trial programmes that focus on the tension of the competition, the expert handling and the relationship between dog and handler.

The first series is filmed in the rolling green hills of Denbighshire. Future plans involve moving round the UK to film in different areas of country landscape, each with new handlers, dogs and fresh challenges.

The handlers are simply the best of the best. In the first series of A Way with Dogs, nine of North Wales’ top handlers focus their attention on dog, course and sheep to win the coveted A Way with Dogs title.

The programmes will be posted onto YouTube and aired on the CSJ website: http://www.csjk9.com on:

  • Monday November 14
  • Monday November 28
  • Monday December 12
  • Monday December 26

Filmed by film producer Peter Melling and presented by TV star Bryony Billson, the quality of the production is guaranteed from start to finish.

Expert trainer and handler Mike Northwood is on hand to comment on the handlers’ skills and the dogs’ moves. He helps to explain the dynamics of the course, handler decisions and tricky situations.

The tension is hair raising from the start. Years of training, practice and skill has gone into each competition round. Ceri has set a practical but very testing, hillside course which really tests the skills of the handlers – as well as the judge – twice World Champion, four times Welsh National winner and Supreme Champion Aled Owen. Each handler and dog has fresh sheep for every run.

Now try putting your own skills to the test and work out who you think will win at the A Way with Dogs grand final on Boxing Day 2016.

Don’t miss the first programme on Monday November 14th

We’d really appreciate your feedback after the first series of A Way with Dogs. Tell us your ideas and comments. We want to make A Way with Dogs the most exciting sheepdog trial event yet.

Contact us at: admin@csjk9.com



FCI IPO World Championships, Slovenia, Sept 2016

Posting by Victor Pogson

Wendy and Calli did well, achieving solid pass grades in all three phases.

Marks were A: 79, B: 84, C:85, Total 248.

Out of 129 dogs entered, 107 achieved pass grades and Team GB came in 86th place. Considering that this was Wendy’s first World Championship event and only her second ever entry at IPO3 we are delighted with the result.

Thanks again for the support – the jackets looked great and it was good to fly the flag for CSJ.

Over the Worlds – Agility Team GB at the FCI Agility World Championships 2016

Posting by Mark Laker


Agility Team GB did well at the FCI Agility World Championships in Spain. Although we didn’t come home with any medals, we had some big achievements and moved the  team forward in respect to our longer term development.


Over 40 countries attended the championships this year. Our top handlers were pitched against the best in the world on challenging courses and in front of over 6,000 supporters.


We’re on a journey
mlaker1Over the last three years we’ve been catching up with how we develop the team, how we bring new people on board and how we get more depth into the small and medium height groups.


On reflection I really feel like we’re making progress in these areas.


Notable achievements from the team competition this year were:


    • Small team – 20th
    • Medium team – 7th
    • Large team – 10th
… and highlights from the individual competition:
    • Small – Lucy & Fling 40th
    • Medium – Christine & Zev 19th, Tash & Dizzy 13th
    • Large – Jess & Cara 5th (highest placed team member)
mlaker3On behalf of the team I’d like to say a massive thank you to Ceri and the Team at CSJ who do so much to support the team over the year.


Your hard work really is appreciated by everyone. It is also recognised that without sponsors like you, we simply couldn’t get a team so well prepared and out to these championships.


Next month I’ll reflect on the competition and take a look forward to 2017.

Look at the difference in Lottie!

Posting by Rachel White

Lottie is becoming quite well known where we live and with my CSJ customers. They always ask about her and she comes to greet them. Win – Win! I say.

Lottie continues to be amazing. We have seen a huge difference in her in the last 2 weeks. When we go out with all our dogs she is actually trying to run to keep up with them, and she wants to go off exploring with them.

She is getting more confident with leaving my side as I’m hoping she is realising that I’m always going to be here and not leaving her, so she is starting to relax a lot more. I can leave our back door open now and she is confident to potter outside and the door won’t ever be shut on her.

She is still loving her Porky Pooch! (thank goodness) and she has her next weigh a week on 30th Sept.. We have everything crossed for her, but you only need to look at her to see the difference.

We can’t get over how young she is looking in the face.


Great news! Lottie has lost a whole kg!

From Rachel


We weighed Lottie at the vets today and she is now 25.6kg !!! At the last weigh in 4 weeks ago she was 27kg. We are so thrilled with her. Onwards and upwards and let’s hope it’s another great weight loss in 4 weeks.

We took her for a walk along the River Taff to celebrate and she loved it.

Tired but happy, we had one exhausted Lottie afterwards…

Now Lottie has come home from her ‘holidays’
She has had a lovely week with my mother in law Susan and father in law, Graham. They said she has been as good as gold.  They’re also looking after a tortoise called Tommy who Lottie finds fascinating. A good way to keep her walking around !

2″ off her backside!

I’ve just measured her, and she’s lost 2 inches at the back (27in). We have seen a huge difference in her again. She looks younger in the face and she is getting about easier and not so achy.  The weight loss and No Ake! herbs are doing the trick.

Lottie has been a busy girl since being home again.

She loves sitting in our kayak, I think she was making sure we didn’t leave her again….
The second photo is her with her favourite toy – rugby socks.  She carries them around with her.

We took her to the beach on Wednesday which she thoroughly enjoyed, chasing the balls into the sea and chilling in the sun.

She went with the other dogs she lives with Lola – black and white Spaniel/Collie cross, Murphy – black and tan Collie, and my dog walking clients Kaiser – black Staffy and Teddy- Yorkshire Terrier.  They all had a brilliant day and as you can tell when they finally got back to my van they were shattered.

Lottie is off for more adventures before the ‘small humans’ go back to school so we will continue to take photos and I will let you know about any weight loss – fingers crossed.



Team GB make last minute preparations for the FCI Agility World Championships in Spain

By Mark Laker

team-gb Team GB are busy making last minute preparations for the FCI Agility World Championships in Spain later this month. It’s the highlight of the year on the international agility calendar. Over 30 countries from afar away as Russia, Brazil, USA and Canada send teams to these championships.

Competitions are held in one indoor ring on carpet over three days

The venue is usually a sports arena with seating for approx. 6,000 spectators. The Championships will be live streamed and of course regular updates available on social media.

There are individual and team events for small, medium and large dogs with the winners being crowned FCI World Champions. Team GB are currently the World Champions in the large dog team category, a title we obviously want to retain and we have a three times World Champion (Natasha Wise & Dizzy) in the medium individual category; Natasha will be working to reclaim that title in Spain.

The Team will be tapering off training now to ensure their dogs and themselves remain fit, energetic and mentally prepared

We have a couple of light ‘surface and equipment familiarisation sessions’ planned when we arrive in Spain, a part from that all the preparations are complete.

Exciting times, I’m sure I’ll be writing about our performance next month.