Ceri Rundle talks about ‘A Way with Dogs’ on BBC Radio Wales

Watch A Way with Dogs: http://www.csjk9.com/a-way-with-dogs.asp

Did you hear Ceri on BBC Radio Wales this morning? Here she is: speaking live to Caryl Parry Jones on BBC Radio Wales about our new  sheepdog trial film series of ‘A Way with Dogs’ available on 14th November 2016 on: http://www.csjk9.com/a-way-with-dogs.asp

You can listen here at 49.04 – 55.04 on BBC iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07zf8cq

Listen to our recording of the show here:

ceri-mike-bryony-watching-jrQuotes from Ceri

“I wanted to produce something that reflects the sport”

” When we talk about clever dogs, I always assume they mean bitches”

“I called on a friend  and a very, very good handler, Aled Owen”

“Obviously my father would have normally been here on hand to support and criticise… H. Glyn Jones… was well known. He had two dogs, Gel, who was trained in Welsh and Bracken who was trained in English… the public took them to their hearts””

“We’re looking for a nice controlled run… straight lines… tight turns”

Ceri and her father – H. Glyn Jones


Skye is now on the herbs and your food ‘No Grainer’

By Ruth Smith



We have tried all sorts… All I have given up on after Skye seem to be in distress with very bad tummy crap (its like something bites her) with end result always being like her tummy boils over and a stools the just bubbles out. 

She will them go back to just soft stools with another toxic stool the next day.

I seem to be a protein issue as all veg (and nuts she was happy to eat the chestnut that fell from our tree) is fine but if we give her the smallest piece on cheese, chicken, caned tuna or salmon she has a reaction.

Solution – after Ruth talked to our Nutrition Adviser, Nicki

Skye is now on the herbs and your food No Grainer! I have found a stockiest not far from me where I picked up a bag of food from the other Sunday.

We have now been on the No Grainer! for two weeks slowly introduce it with no ill affect.  

Skye stools are sold and the best they have ever been and they don’t smell, she has no pain or discomfit.  

She is just a happy little dog now and loves your food.

I never thought I would get her right and that it was something that I would just have to live with but not any more.

I can not say how happy I am with your product and your services. You have been so helpful and fantastic. 


Contact Nicki

If you have any dog nutrition queries, please ask Nicki, our Nutrition Adviser. You can contact her by filling out the short form here: http://www.csjk9.com/contact-nutrition.asp



Going or gone…

By Mark Laker
How are the New Year resolutions going? still going …. or gone!

Last month I wrote about the importance of creating good habits that will help you achieve your goals. If you’ve created these, then I guess you’re well on your way now. If not, well its not to late to start.

If you take the habits we do every day like cleaning teeth, tying shoe laces, getting dressed etc. we don’t actually have to think about doing them; the sub-conscious part of our brain does this automatically for us. So if we can commit the habits that are going to help us achieve our goals to our sub-conscious, then Voila it just happens….

To do this we need to repeat the behaviour a number of times

There are various views on how many times, ranging from 21 days through to three months. Personally I think it depends on the individual.

In last months article we talked about picking one mini-habit that will get you closer to your goal. That’s a great tip. Just pick one thing, make sure it motivates you, (something exciting and rewarding) and then do it once a day/twice a week etc..  you will soon find you’re doing this new activity without having to think, your sub-conscious will have taken over.

I hope February is kind to you.


This information was passed to CSJ by Terena Plowright (one of our sponsored customers) and founder of SheepWatch UK –

For the first time ever, the number of sheep killed by dogs has been recorded in one place, and the total number is shocking.  The numbers released recently by SheepWatchUK showed that more that 1600 sheep, 800 unborn lambs were killed by dogs in 2016, with many more injured. The scale of the problem is further shown by the fact that 49 dogs had to be shot by farmers whilst attacking sheep in 2016, and with a huge sum of over a million pound cost to the farming industry.  Next month (February) has proved to be the worst time for dog attacks as the sheep are lambing and highly vulnerable.


Terena attands a Meeting hosted by DEFRA

Terena has taken the figures to a meeting in London hosted by DEFRA who are anxious that existing laws are used but want to support further evidence gathering in a pilot study.  Also attending the meeting were North Wales Police Rural Crime Unit, Hertfordshire Police Rural Crime, and North Yorkshire Police who hold the National Police Cheifs Council Rural Crime Lead which covers the issue of dog attacks on sheep.


About Sheepwatch UK

The scale of this carnage explains why SheepWatch UK was formed in 2016 as a community level initiative to highlight the scale of the problem and to try to learn what common factors exist between the attacks.  ‘We want to thank the hundreds of farmers who filled in our report forms’ said Terena Plowright founder of SheepWatchUK ‘this has shown that the only common denominator is that the dogs are not on leads and are out of control near livestock.  It really shows it is as simple as that!  Signs, type of fencing, footpath positions, all do not make a difference – its the lead every time’.  But it appears that these figures are only showing the tip of the ice-burg because of under reporting.  North Wales Rural Crime Unit are the leading police force in fighting dog attacks on sheep and their figures show that in North Wales over 1,000 sheep died in 385 attacks in the last three years.  Scale that up to a national figure and we have over 15,000 sheep being killed a year across the UK.

 The SheepWatch report also highlights the stress farmers are suffering due to the worry of repeated attacks, the financial losses and the shock at the horrific injuries and suffering of their animals. ‘Some farmers have telephoned me in despair’ said Terena ‘They are truly shocked and worried by what has happened.  Some have shut their sheep in barns to protect them and two have even stayed out overnight sleeping with the sheep until the dogs are caught’.

Young Farmer Tom Hadley lost 56 lambs in a dog attack

Because of the stress on his family and the enormous emotional and financial cost, he has given up sheep farming. It’s not just the damage a dog bite can do, it is also the abortions that follow days later even if the dog only chased the sheep.  It’s the time it takes for the farmer to treat the bites on a sheep.  It’s the horrific injuries and the distress of the sheep and watching them struggling.  It’s getting the vet out to put sheep to sleep.  A dog loose near livestock is a potential killer, it does not matter how well trained people think their dog is.

Breeds that attack sheep

Another factor exposed by the report is the differing breeds of pet dogs which are doing the attacking –

Husky, Alsatian, Lurcher, German Shepherd, Czech Wolfdog, Labrador, Pointer, Patterson terrier, Border Terrier, Staffie, Collie, Akita, Jack Russell, Great Dane, Fox hound, Rotty, Bullmastif, Lakeland Terrier, Shihtzu, Alaskan Malamute, and others – its all sizes, all shapes and all breeds.

SheepWatchUK met in London with Police from all over the UK and DEFRA on Thursday (19th) to try and discuss options.  The North Wales Police attended who have put sheep worrying at the top of their agenda.  They have developed some of the best knowledge and experience on tackling this issue and SheepWatchUK and other police forces are keen to link with training and expertise to share knowledge so the issues can be addressed.  ‘We have looked at which laws work in which circumstances ‘said PC Dave Allen from North Wales Police’ and we now know what evidence we need to collect to generate a conviction and compensation and we are eager to share this with others’.


Aware of the welfare of the dogs

‘We are also very aware of the welfare of the dogs’ said Terena ‘if a dog is not under control it is a risk to everyone and could easily cause traffic accidents or attack other dogs.  Getting shot by a farmer is just one of many risks that face these loose dogs’.  Stephen Jenkinson from the Kennel Club has looked into many of the issues caused by stray dogs and sees this as just one of the many possible awful outcomes when dogs are not cared for responsibly.

Help make everyone aware of how much damage a pet dog can do

Tim Morris from the Animal Health and Welfare Board in DEFRA explained that now everyone has come together we hope to put some safeguards in place to improve this sad situation.  We are looking at developing at strategy which works for everyone.  One aspect is likely to be working with SheepWatchUK to release an advisory website for farmers and other parties, we are looking at supporting the sharing of best practice using the North Wales model and also looking at how we can better record the effects this is having on the rural communities.  Finally, we need to make sure people are aware of the damage a pet dog can do to a sheep in a few seconds so education will also form part of this new focused strategy.

Aviemore 2 dog champions for 2017

By Suzanne Spalding

This weekend we took part in the 34th running of the Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain Aviemore rally with over 1000 dogs competing and large crowds lining the course.

We were racing in the 2 dog class with Diamond and Granite our 4 year old girls and after the draw on the Friday, we were the team out last, but had a good clean run on the physically challenging 4 mile Glenmore trail. We passed 8 teams to finish 4th after the first run 10.6 secs behind 1st place in a very close competitive field.

1st place by 2.9 seconds!

On the Sunday the course was covered in a blanket of snow which completely changed the conditions. We had a storming 2nd run to move up to 1st place by 2.9 seconds and become Aviemore 2 dog champions for 2017.

We are so proud of our girls and all they have achieved and would like to say a huge thank you to CSJ specialist canine foods for their continued support.

If anybody would like further information in running their dogs please feel free to contact us on: 078777 39590 email: suzy15@hotmail.co.uk

Colin Spalding

Meet Champarla Murano Star (Hasty)

Matt and Fiona Crossland, CSJ Stockistsfiona
This is Champarla Murano Star (known as Hasty), a one year old Border Collie owned by Sue who lives near Eastbourne East Sussex, stacking up the rosettes before heading to the country’s most prestigious competition in the Kennel Club Championships at Crufts in March 2017.

Hasty came 3rd in the Windsor Championship dog show in July 2016 qualifying her for Crufts this year and along with trophies and many rosettes for Best in Show to add to her accolades, Hasty is certainly on winning form.

This winning formula has not happened by chance, along with the dedication and constant hard work of Sue, Hasty is in amazing condition largely due thanks to CSJ products.

Since a Pup Hasty has been fed Cp27, until recently when she changed to Cp21, this along with the Salmon oil, Seaweed & Parsley, ‘Come On!’ herbal supplement, Gnaw Rolls and of course the all important Training Tips (to help keep focused at the important times) keeps her in winning condition.

Hasty also enjoys her pamper treatment in our 5 star Mobile hydro pet Spa, she receives multiple nourishing treatments, conditioners and proteins along with CSj’s Skinny Dip Shampoo and Skinny Cream to leave her with a lovely shiny coat.

This certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed in the show ring either, as during a show at Ardingly Show ground the judge commented on her fantastic coat condition – how glossy and gleaming it was.

We take great pride as a CSJ stockist and grooming business to not only sponsor and support Hasty and attend Crufts with her, but also to keep showing and proving what an outstanding brand CSJ continues to be.

BSSF British National Championships Race results from Colin Spalding

By Suzanne Moore


We attended races 3 & 4 of the BSSF British National Championships at Newborough Forest Angelsey North Wales at the weekend. The course was 3.2 miles long with the first mile on soft sand which made it all very challenging.


In the 2 dog scooter Diamond and Granite ran well over the 2 days to come away with the silver medal. In the elite open bikejor Dexter ran well on the Saturday on his first race on sand and ran 46 seconds quicker on the Sunday to come away with a great 4th place. Cupar running in the open scooter had 2 great runs to come away with a 4th position. He continues to put in amazing performances for a dog approaching 9 years old. The level of competition was extremely high with some great times being recorded.

We would like to thank our sponsors CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds for their continued support.

Our next race is the SDAS championship race at Rothes near Elgin on 21st & 22nd Jan with the SHCGB race at Aviemore the following weekend 28th & 29th Jan.