We’re sponsoring John Hilmer Hansen – top breeder in Denmark


We’re happy to announce that we’re sponsoring John Hilmer Hansen from HP Hundefoder, top breeder in Denmark, who uses CP 21 or CP 30 to feed his winning Münsterländers.

John’s dogs

John started in 1977 with his first dog, Ari, a male dog, then decided to get another male and female and start breeding. He won his first field test in 1993 in the highest category ‘Class for winners’ where he as placed no. 6. Two year later, he won a 4th place with his second female.

John bought a new female, Birka, from one of the top breeders in germany. Then an accident to his Achilles tendon took John 2½ year to recover. Today John has Freya, who has became a DKCH (show) and a highly prized DKJCH (Danish Hunting Champ).

John also has Heiki, who has has won absolutely everything in Denmark. She is the highest winning continental dog in Denmark ever. She is a DKCH, DKJCH and a DKBRCH. John also has Nesko, a male dog, with excellent skills and is expecting a great 2013 for him.

Currently HP Hundefoder have 9 puppies. 2 have been sold to Sweden and one to Finland.  Visit the HP Hunderfoder website for more information

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