LATEST NEWS from the Leicestershire Gundog Club – Puppy, Veteran and Young Handlers

LGS3 copy“Yesterday was the Puppy (under 18 months), Veteran (over 7) and young handlers (under 18) working test. The weather was fine with just a couple of short sharp showers. The presentation was made by the Patron of the Leicestershire Gundog Society – Admiral Sir James Perowne.

The winning puppy is owned by Ian Glover and is only 11 months old. He got 95 out of 100 and  did a wonderful job.

The Young Handler winner was Rosie Chattaway with her yellow dog Consgrove Harry.

The Veteran was won by Mrs Val Anderton with her 9 year old dog – scoring 97 out of 100 – a fantastic job.

All the award top prize winners were presented with a bag of CSJ Champ! and all award winners were given a ‘Winners Pack’ – the feedback has been great.

LGS2 copyThe next competition is on the 4th August to be held in Collyweston, nearr Stamford which will be a ‘Mock Field Trial’ limited to 30 entries.

Thank you so much for your sponsorship, all the competitors really appreciate your contribution.” Jane Sizer, Working Test Secretary of the Leicestershire Gundog Society

LGS4 copyLGS1 copy

More top class sled dog racing for the Sled Dog Association of Scotland

“Huge thanks CSJ for sharing our vision and helping SDAS continue to lead the way in Sled dog sport in Britain, helping us to move forward into the future with our wonderful sport! Thanks also for helping keep our amazing dogs happy and healthy!” Charlie Brecknell

March saw the close of another successful season of top class sled dog racing for the Sled Dog Association of Scotland.

As usual races were organ6dog teamised across Scotland at some of the best sled dog racing venues in the country, Darnaway and Culbin in the North, Bowland and Tentsmuir in the central region and Ford to the south. Unfortunately Kershope once again fell foul to inclement weather rendering the trail unsuitable for sled dog racing. As ever racing was closely fought with the top UK teams traveling the distance to compete, with over 100 teams competing at the National Championships alone!karl cuddle

SDAS again sent a selected team to compete at the ESDRA European championships off snow in Germany in November. Once again the team performed well and achieved results to be proud of – including Silver medal in the six dog Nordic class going to John Carter with his team of Siberian huskies. Tobias Leask narrowly missed a medal position and was placed fourth in the six dog open class with his team of Scandinavian hounds, only seconds behind the top three teams in Europe!

canicrossers culbin SDASThe 2013/2014 season promises to be an exciting one, with SDAS members again representing Great Britain overseas.  In October, members travel to Switzerland for the ECF European Championships and in November to Italy for the International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS) World Championships (off-snow).

This coming season sees the introduction of an 8 dog class and a 2 dog Scooter class at all events, a trial for this season. If proven popular these additions will become a permanent feature for future events.

Perhaps most exciting of all, for the first time ever on British soil SDAS will host a round of the IFSS World cup. This prestigious event is hoped to attract teams from across GB and Europe.  The event to be held at the Fabulous Darnaway estate trails, Morayshire is a part of a worldwide point’s series leading to an overall winner and a world ranking for all those participating.mia bowland

Exciting times ahead for sled dog racing in Scotland only made possible due to the generous and continued support from CSJ canine feeds

This year’s goodies for our canine athletes have included some old favourites CP30 and Hike on! for our series winners and national champions, top quality dog food for top performance; Poppets were again given to all competitors, yummy salmon flavour treats and some mouth-watering new additions to the CSJ range were also awarded; Salmon oil not only delicious but great for skin and coat and Fishcuits, tasty real fish treats that our canine partners find irresistible! The results again speak for themselves –  a food fit for champions!

Report by Charlie Brecknell, Chairman Sled Dogs Association of Scotland (SDAS)

News from our sponsored Moray Firth Spaniel and Retriever Club summer tests

ImageLatest news from Martyn Ryan “Another fantastic day at the CSJ sponsored Moray Firth Spaniel & Retriever Club summer tests. We had a day of sunshine and big entries. And just to make sure Eddie Scott did not win any more this year, I made him judge the tests along with Graham Clark. Many thanks for your continuing support of our spaniel section over the last number of years… I actually won a packet of fishcuits at the test and the dogs go mad for them, so they are not going to last long””

Martin is now getting ready for the Highland Fieldsports Fair at Moy Hall at the beginning of August.

Spaniels Test Results


  • 1st Andrew Cunningham Spamvalley fizz SS
  • 2nd Richard Clayden Silabh Peggy of Greenbush SS
  • 3rd B McRalid Dreamacres Lark CS


  • 1st Helen Gray Taponoth Annie Lennox of Rothievale  SS
  • 2nd John Regan Buccleuch Dale SS
  • 3rd James Stevenson Balmuir Henry SS


Finalists for the CSJ Highland Agility Stakes

Here’s the full list of finalists for the CSJ Highland Agility Stakes due to run on Saturday July  6th in the Main Ring at the Scottish Game Fair. The judge this year is the vastly experienced Dane Redford.

“We are delighted that CSJ have sponsored this again this year and it couldn’t run without the support of CSJ or the Scottish Clubs who host the qualifiers.” Lisa Duggan, Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Authority,

CSJ Highland Agility stakes

List of 2013 finalists

CSJ Large Highland Agility Stakes

Preliminary event running order Handler Dog Attendance Confirmed 


Allan Wright No shadow of doubt y


Allan Wildman Chikaramor born performer y


Emma Jones Knockhills kerri y


Lisa Duggan sherebridge kismet y


Jennifer hart Capehope carpe diem y


Carol Anne Duthie Indistorm chaser y


Sarah Osborne Touchango top gear y


Joanne Hughes Ludgat Flynomenal Power y


Phillip Patterson Total Hannarchy y


Lisa Duggan Kipcroft tig y


Lyne Crombie Easterdale’s just the tonic


Nigel Staines Elfinvale Legend


Siobhan Butterfield Artfully dodgy y


Alan Wildman Canen flame of the future y


Marion Mackie Pause at midnight y


Georgia Tosh Glen and sues winning tip y


Peter Dall Gee Hits the spot y


Peter Elms Ag ch josh ma lad y


Donna Kerse Tri n fly crackerjack y


Anne Young Mask of Zorro y

CSJ Medium Highland Agility Stakes

Preliminary event running order Handler Dog


Alan Wildman Za Zar Zoom y


Karen Penman Fire flier y


Heather Mclean Ag Ch Morgan’s Chance Navigator y


Kevin Mackintosh Macs Muck y


Stuart Raine Woodbails zeus y

CSJ Small Highland Agility Stakes

Preliminary event running order Handler Dog


Mark Bruce Sindy of erskine y


Peter Ray Nujax Ice dancer y


Luisa Fallon Reymony blue chip y


Fiona McLellan Snug bug y


Pamela Lawson Alncroft kaiser Chief y

Winners All!

Introducing our three latest fab Fishcuits winners

Post your pic of your working dog in action on our facebook company page and give us a ‘like’ and you could win a FREE pack of NEW delish Fishcuits too. We’re giving away three packs of Fishcuits each month to three lucky winners who we’ll draw out of a virtual hat at the end of June. Well done Scott Mossop, Gemma Miles, Ailsa Bailie and Gemma Miles for your great pics. Now let’s see who are going to be this month’s winners.

Scott MossopAilsa BaillieGemma Miles

FFynongain gundogs in action!

charlieargograce028The FFynongain gundog displays are going extremely well and they’re flying the flag for CSJ with great success ( apparently people want new orders for CSJ at every event). To date FFynongain gundogs and specialist dogs have been seen at the following events:
  • Windsor great park charity test (competing)
  • The British National National Police Championship
  • Sherbourn Caste Inter club challenge (competing and team captain)
  • St Clears YFC show
Next week, FFynongain gundogs will be doing the two day Gundog display in the main arena for the Welsh Game Fair and the following week will be at Llanfairpwllhelli carnival at North Wales.
ffynongainbismark“The Wales team are training hard for Ireland and we hope we win for you with the team” Huw, FFynongain gundogs

Latest news from Alan Rees – Wales Gundog Captain – selecting the 2013 team

Alan ReesThis is my 28th Game Fair in which I have run for Wales, and the tenth as the team’s Captain, believe me I feel it’s a great privilege and an honour. There have been many great dogs, great trainers and handlers that have represented my Country over the years.

Wales have had their fair share of individual winners at both retrievers and spaniels in the past. Over the years in addition we have won both spaniel and retriever breed competitions, but we have never won the overall team event at the Game Fair International, although coming close on numerous occasions.

As a proud Welshman I was delighted to accept the CLA’s invitation to Captain Wales a job that I take seriously and a job I’m privileged to carry out, but a job that is not easy at times. I’m privileged to follow on in the footsteps of Neil Lamb and John Blackburn both great sportsmen, not forgetting Mr Blackburn a winner of the Spaniel Championship and of course the Lambs well known as great Labrador people.

We are not blessed in Wales with the number of trainers and handlers at top level that England, Ireland and Scotland have. Wales has a healthy number of spaniel handlers and trainers, as test, trials and the spaniel championships will prove at both Springer and Cockers.  I’m sure that you will all know some of the spaniel legends Wales have provided in the past, present and hopefully future. Retrievers are not as popular in Wales and there are a limited amount of top handlers and trainers in the Country who compete at the top level throughout the sport.

In selecting the Spaniel team, I am assisted by Wesley Thomas, we look at open trial results, open test results, the respective championship qualifiers and then look at what’s available to us before our final selection test – this year there were 18 of the best spaniels in the country that took part at the selection test, including 4 champions 9 open stake winners. Eight dogs  making it through to the final stage. The 5th and reserve place being decided after a four dog run off.

In selecting the Retrievers – this year I invited, via a letter everyone who had a trial award preferably an open, to be looked at and considered. This gave me ten dogs to consider. From this position I choose seven dogs all open trial and test winners with experienced handlers at top competition level, some dogs getting older and retiring has left a dent in our resources yet to be filled by experienced handlers and dogs that have been proven at this level of competition. When resource are limited it is essential to pull together, and I would like it noted that my gratitude is extended to each and everyone involved with the Welsh Gundog Team here today.

What I look for in a team is a group of handlers that will work together and help each other as this is the CLA International this is the greatest test stage of them all. We in Wales make up for a lot in the way that we pull together and support each other. The work put in by this team, if justice prevailed, would mean that we should win every year.  The team is based on the quality of the dog and  handler as an unit, and what will get that combination round the course as a team under the pressure we as handlers feel in that arena. Everyone is different, and that goes for all sports, as I can draw experience as captain of the young scarlets and the region, a high profile rugby player and an International rugby referee, although of course when I was much younger.

This year’s team has a new look about it –

Spaniels – we have Aled Jones running in his second Game Fair but running Meg the Machine, the bitch that won the 2010 Spaniel Championship, and also his young open stake winner. Alistair Ross running his champion Tag qualified for last years championship ending up with a diploma handled by Graham his son, and winner of the Kennel Club Open test in Chatsworth for the past two years. Kevin Powell running Judy, he also qualified for the championship, he has a great work ethic, and he also runs his young open stake winner here today. I’m very pleased to see Dickie Jones as our reserve today Dickie is well known all over the trial world and he has been a vital part of the team this year. To say that I am very pleased with a well balanced team of spaniels is an understatement. Good luck boys, thanks for your support and hard work.

Retrievers – this year we look to rebuild having lost great dogs like FTCH Lavenghyl Peacock and FTCH Greenbriar Glencoe, FTCH Smithsteads Widgeon, the backbone of past teams have been retired since our last visit  here at Ragley, these dogs were always pushing for top placing. We now blood new dogs and  new handlers in Craig Perry, and Andrew Fisher. Andrew running the First ever Golden Retriever to be selected for Wales at the Game Fair, and believe me this is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

This year’s team Craig Perry runs a very nice young dog Bruce, that has run well through all the run outs we have had this year and throws his hat into the big arena for the first time, this is Craig’s first CLA International – but this dog can be exceptional. Roger Phillips with Fred, Roger needs no introduction one of the top trainers, breeders and handlers in the Country – always turns out a good one, Roger is a previous winner of the CLA title, a great help in the preparations, and have a good one Rog. Myself Alan Rees with FTCH Jobeshill Ragner of Flypatch, he excites me, a young dog having achieved his title last season, this is Bud’s second game fair. Mark Bettinson runs Astraglen Milo a young dog having achieved great trial results last season.

Andrew Fisher runs Vamp Pipsissewa having represented Wales at the Chatsworth international in team GB on three occasions this is a great combination to have around.

All the dogs and handlers named so far are open field trial winners with awards and wins or awards in open working tests. Last but by no means least our reserve Kevin Downs he is no stranger to this arena, Kevin again a no frills guy, gets on with the job and Mr reliable. Once again boys good luck, thanks for the huge support over the past few weeks and months, we have put the work in lets hope it goes well for us on the day.

I would also like to thank everyone behind the scenes that have helped get us here today, particularly Eleri she does the entire organisation, cooking etc etc etc.

One big thank you in signing off  –  we would not be here today if not for CSJ our sponsors Ceri – DIOLCH YN FAWR – (thank you)

The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of South Wales Assessment Test

Read the latest report from The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of South Wales

Our ‘wonder’ days continue

Our ‘wonder’ days continue. After beautiful weather for our 2011 and 2012 tests, for our Funday, for our Christmas parties and for our training days, we were blessed with another corker for our 2013 Assessment Test at Pentyrch on Sunday 26th May.

wsscsw_test_may13_800The sun shone all day with ‘ne’r a cloud in the sky’. Despite the good weather we were grateful for the use of a large, clean barn to keep food cool and to sit out of the sun.

This was an unusual day in so many ways. Our judges, Allan and Sue Hender from West Berkshire Gundogs, set some different tests: those running in Intermediate worried as they saw the unprecedented length of the ‘seen’ retrieve. Frowns turned to smiles as dog after dog went straight out bringing every dummy in to hand. The judges had hoped that the water test would sort out the tight marks at the top but, when the top two dogs (Menstonia Misty Dreams and Sycharth Catrin) had finished every test, only a run-off would separate them. These two dogs only dropped 1 mark in the total (4 test elements worth 25 marks each) with the third place dropping only 3 marks. Here we had a very experienced judge wandering around muttering “Minor breeds, my a***” as the ‘seens’ were marked and the ‘unseens’ found. Dogs were steady; dogs listened; dogs didn’t miss game.

Two good Clumber puppies (Magiriaght Vindicator and Sedgehurst Paddy) had very high marks in the Puppy test and congratulations to working committee member Alison Evans with Ryan (Coedybrain Ryan ar Nantlle) winning in a close run-off for Novice against Fiergen Steamy Windows.

We have so many ‘thank yous’: our judges, our catering team, our stewards and helpers; those who gave raffle prizes, those who bought tickets.

Our biggest thank you goes to our sponsor CSJ. They’ve been our rock over the last few years. It’s so important for competitors to have recognition of their efforts. The generous ration of Fish Cuits (my dogs think they’re very yummy) on top of the winners’ sacks and winners’ packs meant that no-one went home empty handed.

We have another congratulatory message. At the SEWSSC Working Assessment on 19th of May, newly co-opted committee member, Ann Lyon, with Millie (Bushwacker Hotspot) came out of Novice forever with a wonderful 1st in Open.

Working Committee of WSSCSW