FFynongain gundogs in action!

charlieargograce028The FFynongain gundog displays are going extremely well and they’re flying the flag for CSJ with great success ( apparently people want new orders for CSJ at every event). To date FFynongain gundogs and specialist dogs have been seen at the following events:
  • Windsor great park charity test (competing)
  • The British National National Police Championship
  • Sherbourn Caste Inter club challenge (competing and team captain)
  • St Clears YFC show
Next week, FFynongain gundogs will be doing the two day Gundog display in the main arena for the Welsh Game Fair and the following week will be at Llanfairpwllhelli carnival at North Wales.
ffynongainbismark“The Wales team are training hard for Ireland and we hope we win for you with the team” Huw, FFynongain gundogs

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