News from our sponsored Moray Firth Spaniel and Retriever Club summer tests

ImageLatest news from Martyn Ryan “Another fantastic day at the CSJ sponsored Moray Firth Spaniel & Retriever Club summer tests. We had a day of sunshine and big entries. And just to make sure Eddie Scott did not win any more this year, I made him judge the tests along with Graham Clark. Many thanks for your continuing support of our spaniel section over the last number of years… I actually won a packet of fishcuits at the test and the dogs go mad for them, so they are not going to last long””

Martin is now getting ready for the Highland Fieldsports Fair at Moy Hall at the beginning of August.

Spaniels Test Results


  • 1st Andrew Cunningham Spamvalley fizz SS
  • 2nd Richard Clayden Silabh Peggy of Greenbush SS
  • 3rd B McRalid Dreamacres Lark CS


  • 1st Helen Gray Taponoth Annie Lennox of Rothievale  SS
  • 2nd John Regan Buccleuch Dale SS
  • 3rd James Stevenson Balmuir Henry SS


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