More top class sled dog racing for the Sled Dog Association of Scotland

“Huge thanks CSJ for sharing our vision and helping SDAS continue to lead the way in Sled dog sport in Britain, helping us to move forward into the future with our wonderful sport! Thanks also for helping keep our amazing dogs happy and healthy!” Charlie Brecknell

March saw the close of another successful season of top class sled dog racing for the Sled Dog Association of Scotland.

As usual races were organ6dog teamised across Scotland at some of the best sled dog racing venues in the country, Darnaway and Culbin in the North, Bowland and Tentsmuir in the central region and Ford to the south. Unfortunately Kershope once again fell foul to inclement weather rendering the trail unsuitable for sled dog racing. As ever racing was closely fought with the top UK teams traveling the distance to compete, with over 100 teams competing at the National Championships alone!karl cuddle

SDAS again sent a selected team to compete at the ESDRA European championships off snow in Germany in November. Once again the team performed well and achieved results to be proud of – including Silver medal in the six dog Nordic class going to John Carter with his team of Siberian huskies. Tobias Leask narrowly missed a medal position and was placed fourth in the six dog open class with his team of Scandinavian hounds, only seconds behind the top three teams in Europe!

canicrossers culbin SDASThe 2013/2014 season promises to be an exciting one, with SDAS members again representing Great Britain overseas.  In October, members travel to Switzerland for the ECF European Championships and in November to Italy for the International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS) World Championships (off-snow).

This coming season sees the introduction of an 8 dog class and a 2 dog Scooter class at all events, a trial for this season. If proven popular these additions will become a permanent feature for future events.

Perhaps most exciting of all, for the first time ever on British soil SDAS will host a round of the IFSS World cup. This prestigious event is hoped to attract teams from across GB and Europe.  The event to be held at the Fabulous Darnaway estate trails, Morayshire is a part of a worldwide point’s series leading to an overall winner and a world ranking for all those participating.mia bowland

Exciting times ahead for sled dog racing in Scotland only made possible due to the generous and continued support from CSJ canine feeds

This year’s goodies for our canine athletes have included some old favourites CP30 and Hike on! for our series winners and national champions, top quality dog food for top performance; Poppets were again given to all competitors, yummy salmon flavour treats and some mouth-watering new additions to the CSJ range were also awarded; Salmon oil not only delicious but great for skin and coat and Fishcuits, tasty real fish treats that our canine partners find irresistible! The results again speak for themselves –  a food fit for champions!

Report by Charlie Brecknell, Chairman Sled Dogs Association of Scotland (SDAS)

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