Frankee and Scout’s fantastic year


Latest update from Emma Lavender
Loughbrough 18/19.05.2013 2nd in B and 3rd in B sunday
Waldridge Fell 27.05.2013 1st in B
Cheshire 02.06.2013 1st in B
Preston 15.06.2013 1st in B
NATS 22.06.2013 2nd in B
NATS 23.06.2013 3rd in B
Rugby 05.05.2013 2nd in B
Waldridge Fell 25.05.2013 1st in B
NATS 23.06.2013 1st in B
Newmarket 30.06.2013 6th in B
Beverley 14.07.2013 1st in B
“Both dogs have had a fab year so far, Frankee is now C only, having won another 3 Bs this year and Scout the baby has won 2 Bs this year, so now he only needs one more to be C only. They are on form at the moment, both were in the same B last weekend and Scout won a 1st after a run off and Frankee won a 3rd so I’m really happy with them. I am training them both for C so hoping to get some qualifiers for ticket towards the end of the year”. Emma Lavender

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