Andy Fisher wins top Welsh dog at the CLA 2013

Well what a weekend that was, asImage  a CLA virgin you can imagine some of the emotions I went through in the build- up, the waiting until the second day and then finally running my Goldie for the Welsh team last dog…the first Golden ever for Wales. Just about lunchtime my stomach knotted as the reality of the challenge hit home…. and then soon after the thrill of facing the fear and trying to win kicked in and as you know there is no feeling quite like it. There was a high score to aim at and I was determined to attack it.

I really hope you were able to see his run as I think it was one that will be remembered down the years ……….if not by anyone else at least by me. His blind retrieve up the arena after the water retrieve was to anyone who knows the way Goldies work was a thing of beauty. To return a 96% score for the team was just what I wanted and had there not been a shot in one of the scurry rings  during his out run on the final retrieve it could have better but I cannot dwell on that. To finish 3rd overall and top Welsh dog was satisfying indeed.

When all the Halstead clan individually take the trouble to congratulate and acknowledge the quality of work my dog did it reminds me just how good my lad is and as an amateur trainer with a demanding full time job how lucky I am, he has taken me places that most people will never go: for which I am very grateful. As I write my skin is crawling at the memory – a memory you helped make and that will never be forgotten.

The whole CLA experience was very good, funded in large part by your generous sponsorship for which I wish to extend my sincere and grateful thanks on behalf of both of us. Our  hotel was to a good standard, the food was very good and the grounds were perfect for the dogs to both relax and to warm-up for the competition.

The office is a difficult place to adjust to today, but  after short reflection it’s Anglesey next where again the CSJ name will be to the fore and for all the support you have provided  I again offer my gratitude.

Best regards and Good luck

Andy Fisher

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