North Wales World Trials Results

North Wales World Trials Qualifier Results
The Trials went well, although the weather was bad with strong winds and heavy squally showers. It was a testing field with good sheep.
Trial Qualification Day 1:
1. Gethin Jones, Jess 132
2. Medwyn Evans, Jan 126
3. Alan LI Jones, Non 125
4. Arwel Owen, Glenys 118
5. Elgan Jones, Jim 108
Res. Idris Thomas, Sian 108Trial Qualification Day 2

1. Gwynfor Owen, Moss, 139
2. Aled Owen, Cap, 132
3. Arwyn Davies, Moel Floss, 131 OLF
4. Medwyn Evans, Meg, 131
5. Vaughan Hughes, Black, 125
Res. E Wyn Edwards, Cap, 124
Everyone was very chuffed with their CSJ bags.
Note from CSJ
Congratulations everyone – especially CSJ users: Arwyn Davies with Moel Floss, Aled Owen, Gwynfor Owen as well as Vaughan Hughes –  long term CSJ stockist in Anglesey.


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