Cani-Sports Scotland update

Janis Mcarthur
Cani-Sports Scotland
It took me nearly a week to recover from
the CanineMax World Championships in
Pembrey that CSJ sponsored, what a 
fantastic weekend I had and so did the 
44 "team Scotland"! We came home with two
golds, a few silvers and a ton of bronze 
medals along with plenty of food :-)

Thank you so much for sponsoring our events. 
We've had lots of positive feedback from the 
runners that they like the prizes and have 
seen the benefits from the salmon oil and 
the dogs go crazy for the fishcuits.

Today Cani-Sports Scotland had the pleasure of taking part in the
Jedburgh running festival in the Scottish Borders. There was the 
ultra, half, 10k & 6.5k cani-cross race with plenty of mud.

The prizes went down a treat and it seems no one reads the labels on 
the Fruit 'n Mutt bars as more people were seen eating them - lol.

Here are a few pics from today's race, Colin is one of our longest 
cani-cross runners who's competed regularly at Canix Events (sporting 
his jacket). He's been using CSJ for years and was recommending 
it to our runners today. So just a huge thanks for supporting our 
events :-)CSS6


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