Arfon Working Gundog Club Retriever Test

DSCF0556The Arfon Working Gundog Club held a Retriever Test  on the 1st September 2013 at Flagstaff Quarry, Penmon, Anglesey by kind permission of Sir Richard and Lady William-Bulkeley.

The judges were Mrs Glenys Caldwell, Mr Gary McCarthy and Mr Mike Allen. We would like to thank our hosts, judges, the helpers, the competitors and our sponsors CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds and Gundog Gear for making this such a successful day.
1st – Glynne Roberts with Gwenfelen Dyfed
2nd – Andrew James with Autumnwillow Kade
3rd – Dyfed Owen with Willanbeck Ronnie by Gwendylen
4th – Andrew James with Waspac Izzy
COM – Paul Travis with Brackenbird Lucas
1st – Frank Morrey with Swaine Abruzzi of Tideland
2nd – Harvey Jones with Ty Newydd
3rd – Anrew James with Autumn Willow Kade
4th – Mathew Williams with Swtan Anwyl
COMs – Gerallt Wynn with Ffynongain Guest, Kin Dutton with Kenmilleven Midnight Kip
               Liz Weigh with Glasnevin Westflow Fly
Photo shows (left – right) – Colin Torr (Test Secretary), Glynne Roberts, Mathew Williams, Frank Morrey, Liz Weigh, Mike Allen (Judge), Dyfed Owen, Gerallt Wynn, Andrew James, Paul Travers,  Glenys Caldwell (Judge), Kim Dutton, Harvey Jones, Gary McCarthy(Judge)

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