Thank you CSJ for bringing success to Colette and Summer

A lovely piece of news from a real star

Colette is full time carer for her retired ex military Husband who suffers from a multitude of health issues, including a seriously dodgy heart and M.E. and her youngest son who has  seizures and  Cerebral Palsy.

Colette has two Labradors,  Bree  and Summer

Collette enjoys taking time out from being a full time carer for her close family members, by taking both dogs out for country walks (or swims!) by the river  and showing them both at Open and Championship shows around Scotland and further afield around the UK when she gets the chance.

A Summer’s Day in a Scottish Winter

Amid dark grey skies, howling winds and relentless rain –  the winter blues are well and truly set in for most people, but for Colette Longland, Summer brought joy on the 4th of January 2014 at the first Show of the year for her  2 year old yellow Labrador retriever,  Alanwood Serene Oasis, AKA ‘Summer’.

Bree and SummerHer pet name is so apt

She brings all the Summer joys of warmth and fun to everyone she meets, wagging her whole body from her nose through to the tip of her tail and woe betide all those who stand in the way of its relentless swoop!

Colette has worked hard at getting this bubbly youngster to curb her exuberance  in the show ring and beyond. Her persistence has paid off as Summer has collected place cards and rosettes at shows throughout 2013 and kicked off the new year in style at Bon Accord Kennel Association Show, at The Mart , Inverurie, Scotland where she gained 1st place in post-graduate  and  then went on to gain Best of Breed.  Colette says “Very chuffed with my girl and thanks go to the judge for thinking so highly of her”.

Summer’s write-up from Darlington Show, October 2013

1st: LONGLAND’s Alanwood Serene Oasis  won this class on movement and maturity, this is a very nice girl that can go unnoticed, but she has all the breed type, and when she holds her head up while moving she is a true mover, lovely head good eye, clean over the neck and shoulders, good front and rear, in good coat and correct tail set, strong quarters, moved with drive.

Colette feeds both Bree and Summer on CSJ dog foods

Colette is always amazed that Summer in particular looks in such stunning condition being fed on the very economical  CSJ Champ dog food. Thank you CSJ for brigning success to Colette and Summer.


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