Bringing greyhounds back to a good weight is difficult – Linda Bradshaw did it with CSJ

It’s notoriously difficult to get greyhounds a put on weight and there are a lot adopted greyhounds who need help, so were delighted to hear from Linda Bradshaw “We are really pleased with how well all 3 of our dogs are doing now, but especially the greyhounds now they are back up to a good weight…

…Just an update on how the dogs are doing – we are feeding them CP24 with some salmon oil and ‘Come on!’ herbs and are very pleased with the results – they have now gained weight, are now at a healthy weight and their coats are looking great, very shiny  – the vet has commented that the greyhound we recently adopted from the racing kennels looks like a different dog now (healthy weight, shiny coat, dandruff gone).”

Originally, when Linda asked us for help, our Nutition Advisor Nicki advised her to look at increasing their calorie intake and try them with one of the following recipes:

1. That’ll Do/Hi Lost!
2. Fit N Fast
3. CP24

Nicki sent Linda out samples, so she could see which recipe her dogs preferred. In addition to their chosen recipe she recommended adding a drop of CSJ Salmon Oil to their food as this is great for skin and coat condition and also provides an additional source of calories too. Dogs of this size could be getting up to 1-2 tbsp per day if they needed it. They should also enjoy CSJ Poppets, Dem Bones and Fishcuits for treats.

A lot of our customers with underweight dogs also find that adding our COME ON! herbs to their dogs’ food helps with this problem so it’s worth giving these a try too.

Linda asked us if we’d advise maintaining them on this diet or if she should alternate with the CP Salmon? Our Nutrition Advisor, Nicki answered “Now that they have reached a better body condition you can certainly continue with the CP24 and you may just need to adjust the amount they are getting slightly to make sure that they maintain the right body condition and don’t gain too much.  Our CP21 has a similar energy/calorie content to the CP24 so if you wanted to give them a little variety you could also try using that recipe for them too”.

If you have any questions about an underweight dog, please contact us here to find out how we can help you:

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