A word from Team Wales Manager, Stuart Harmes and Ann Harmes

Stuart Harmes

As Team manager this year, I will be supporting the team during the trip to Italy, and managing the team alongside Martin Cavill (assistant manager) and also running my dog Darleyfalls Tog in the 650 height category

I have been fortunate  to have attended every WAO team for Wales since its inception, with a good degree of success, and we were part of the Bronze medal team for 2013.

Wishing all the team every success in Italy 2014 and thankyou to CSJ for your continued support

Ann Harmes

Noonoo has represented Wales on 2 occasions at the WAO – both times we have managed an amazing 4th overall – in the Games and also the Biathlon!

Noonoo will be 9 this year, and will be running at the 550 height which she loves so much, and we are very much looking forward to the competition again this year.

Darleyfalls WooWooWoof age 3 – very excited to be also taking my young dog to the event, He is very fast, but still very inexperienced so we will do our best and are thrilled to have been selected. Woof is running in the Biathlon.

Good luck Ann and Stuart, Darleyfalls Tog, Noonoo and Darleyfalls woof woof noonoowaoaf stuart and tog ketchupWoof from all of us at CSJ.


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