Sian the Sheepdog

By Wendy Beasley

Moel Sian was bred by Ceri Rundle of CSJ fame from her very good Moel sheepdog line, but never really did what she was bred for. Circumstances at the time meant that she didn’t really get started with the sheep and before long she proved her worth as a very good brood bitch, producing fine working dogs, and so never really got back to her day job. When Ceri heard that I was looking for new blood to introduce to my Stardell line she suggested that Sian might suit me and after a trip to Wales to meet her we were very happy to bring her home.

Sian the SheepdogThis was a decision I have never regretted as well as being a really lovely dog she has been an exceptional brood bitch and has fitted in to our family as if she had always been with us.

Her pups have gone on to excel in working trials, agility and obedience and I am more than happy with the one I am currently working. She has also acted as surrogate Mum to the young dogs we have taken in for training including a boisterous male GSD that was more than twice her size. Her gentle correction and reassurance puts youngsters at their ease, and absolutely nothing frightens her, so she really is a steadying influence.

We do working trials and over the four years that we have had Sian she has travelled the length and breadth of the country with us and been calm and confident in all sorts of new and challenging surroundings, something she clearly did not learn on the Welsh Hill Farm that had been her home for her formative years. She had moulded seamlessly into our pack, and although her breeding days are over and she has settled into a happy retirement we wouldn’t be without her, and consider her as much a part of our family as the ones that grew up here.

Sian is one of the six border collies we have at the present time with three working and three retired. When we go out training all the dogs come with us and once the training is over the “oldies” get a run so this is how we set out last Saturday, when we went out to do some tracking. We are lucky that we have a choice of land to work on, but on this particular day we chose to go just up the road and work on the small meadows in our village.

One of the meadows is rented by a hobby farmer who has sheep on it, but the other three are empty allowing one each for the dogs to track. As I was finishing the last track with my dog I saw someone leaning on the gate watching, and as I got closer I recognised her as Judy the owner of the sheep. She asked me if any of my dogs would herd sheep as she was trying to treat one of them for fly strike but could not get near it to spray it. Although we knew that ours had all been rigorously trained to ignore sheep, Paul pointed out that we did not know if Sian would be any use so decided to try her.

Armed with a long tracking line Paul and I decided to try to corner the sheep with the line between us acting as a visible barrier and at this point we kept Sian on the lead. This did not work as the sheep were far too fast and kept skipping around the ends, so at Judy’s suggestion and with her agreement we decided to let Sian off the lead and see what she could do. Her reaction was instantaneous, and at nine years old and with sheep just a distant memory instinct took over and she went into full sheepdog mode.

With absolutely no hesitation she gathered them all together and pushed them towards us, keeping them in a tight bunch by constantly circling. We were unsure quite how to shed the required sheep but as I moved towards it, it moved slightly away from the rest, and almost as if commanded Sian shot in and drove it away from the others just like something from “One man and his dog.”

She pushed the one sheep up against the fence and along towards the corner as Paul and I moved in with our tracking line. The sheep decided to front it out and stood and stamped its foot at her, whereupon she shot round the back and bit its leg and it decided to move after all. Once we had it penned in the corner Sian dropped to the floor and watched and Judy was able to hook the sheep in her crook spray it and let it go. Sian was all for getting it back but understood the “That’ll do” command which is the only one I know, and she followed us out of the field.

Unfortunately as we walked back to the van I noticed she was looking a little the worse for wear and realised that working so hard in the 28 degree heat at nine years old had taken its toll on her and she was suffering from heat stroke. Luckily we were not far away from home so were able to get her there quickly and hose her down which soon put her right, and after a couple of hours rest in a cool kennel she was ready to go again. Judy was so delighted that she brought round a bottle of wine the next day although I felt a big juicy bone would have been more appropriate.

Sian is now a bit of a hero in the village as everyone has heard of her moment of glory, and although all her kennel mates have done great things in trials none of them could claim to be proper sheepdogs.

So Sian is a sheepdog and even after maternal duties and change of lifestyle it is still all there, but you can’t have her back Ceri!

Wales Gundog Team – Blenheim Palace – 19th & 21th July 2014

By Alan Rees – Captain of the Wales Team

Now having arrived home, fielded all the telephone calls, e-mails and texts, around 38 of them in total – please accept my thanks to you all for your congratulations and well wishes.

Leading up to the Game Fair this year I was pleased with the team, their attitude and commitment to do well. We had new faces in David Williams and Nigel Probert, both delivering wonderful performances for the Team at the CLA. We had stalwarts in Alistair Ross and Aled Jones (running his Spaniel Championship Winner of a few years ago) and both these also put in a shift for the team. A very special mention must go to Craig Perry running two dogs due to a late withdrawal, both turning in impressive scores of 86% each, this laid a great foundation.

Wales pushed mighty England to the wire this year ending up 20 points behind England in second place, with over a thousand points available over two days, with ten dogs per team (five Spaniels and five Retrievers). Scotland in third was 24 points behind Wales, and further back was Ireland, 8 points behind Scotland, all in all a close competitive event. Three of our Spaniels in the top ten, two of our Retrievers in the top six, all with very high scores were really great to see, leaving us encouraged for the future.

My gratitude is extended to this year’s team for all their effort and commitment to the cause.


Wesley Thomas, David Pither, Alistair Ross, Aled Jones and David Williams.

Mark Bettinson, Craig Perry, Nigel Probert, Craig Perry and Alan Rees.

My biggest thank you must go to CSJ – to Ceri and Phil for their continued support, not only financially, but also by their presence at this prestigious event, a very big thanks to you and the gang there at CSJ.

Thank You One and All

Alan Rees (Team Captain).



Lots going on – from Ceri Rundle

1. Good luck to Agility Team GB, travelling to the European Open Championships for next weekend’s competition 
2. The Pre-Continental went extremely well – even though it was so hot!!  Sabine Ehlers’ kept us all updated with a fantastic running report on the days’ trialling.  Congratulations Serge van der Zweep for winning and coming 2nd too!
3. CLA – another great trip and LOTS of good exposure for Pet Blood Bank!  The commentators talked about the charity at least 4 times at length during the two days of competition.  The lovely ladies on the CLA Gundog Hospitality committee who provide the refreshments for the gundog handlers, judges, stewards etc put out a table outside their marquee with some punnets of strawberries.  On their wipe board they wrote that there were free strawberries in return for donations to the Pet Blood Bank charity!  This has raised £50 which we will send to Pet Blood Bank. Thank you Sue Berman for arranging it.
The Pet Blood Bank logos looked good on the team clothing too. Both teams wore their CSJ liveried jackets, shirt and caps with pride and looked extremely smart as per usual.  Wales were leading by the end of the first day but were then overtaken by England with phenomenal performances from their retrievers in the afternoon session.  However, Wales were extremely happy with their dogs – especially one of the young team newcomers from NORTH Wales – David Edwards.   David and his ESS ‘Ruby’ were absolutely fantastic and stormed their tests!  Everyone was talking about him!  David had actually been persuaded to enter the selection tests as he had never done it before, did well and so Team Captain, Alan Rees decided to take a chance on him.  It is a nerve wracking experience anyway and if things go wrong you need a level-headed handler and dog.
Young Joe Hislip in the Scotland Team (again) did very well this year with his spaniel and ultimately ended up 2nd for the Best Hunting Spaniel.  In fact he took part in a 3 way run-off as there were 3 dogs on equal points.
Donny Leitch (Scotland)’s retriever won the trophy for Best Mark, so he was very pleased to be taking some silver ware away with him.
On Friday, a presentation was made to Mark and his son, Jamie Bettison, who shared the Gundog Trainer of the Year award that is voted for by readers of the Countryman’s Weekly mag. The official photographer took a photo for us which may appear on the cover of Countryman’s Weekly!  
More news very soon!

New update from the Heelwork to Music Team from Great Britain

From Kath Hardman

There are now 7 handlers and 10 dogs in the Heelwork to Music Team from Great Britain 

·        Kath Hardman from Derbyshire is the Freestyle Team Leader – competing in both the Heelwork To Music and Freestyle Teams with her three dogs, Border Collies – Amber and Denby and crossbreed –  Spice

·        Karen Sykes from Derbyshire, Heelwork To Music Team Leader – competing in the Heelwork To Music Team with her Working Sheepdog Fly,

·        Lucy Creek from Warwickshire – competing in the Freestyle Team with her Beagle, Teasel and the Heelwork To Music Team with her Border Collie Skiffle, (Skiffle is also a reserve for the Freestyle Team)

·        Christina Oxtoby from Lincolnshire – competing in the Freestyle Team with her Border Collie Eze

·        Nicci Hindson from Nottinghamshire – competing in the Freestyle Team with her Working Sheepdog Nala and they are reserves for the Heelwork To Music Team

·        Helen Dennis from Nottinghamshire – with her Working Sheepdog, Maia  are reserves for the Heelwork To Music Team

·        Lesley Neville from Derbyshire – with her Bearded Collie, Dewy are reserves for the Freestyle Team

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Salmon oil, Wales and a good summer for Huw Jones and Ffynongain Gundogs

DSCF0022From Huw Jones

I would just like to thank you for the support you have given my team and me again this year again. The Wales gundog team kit arrived safe and the boys wished me to pass they’re thanks on to you.  I must say the Salmon Oil you sent us is excellent. The team will be at Anglesey and Birr castle in August and I will without question let you know how they get on.

We have a very good team again this year – Andy Fisher, Nigel Probert, Paul Hobbs, Richard Edwards and Michael Jones.

Nigel ran for the GB team this year taking top overall dog; Andy took top Overall Welsh Retriever last year; Paul took Top Retriever this year at Sherbourn Castle Inter-Gundog Club Test; Michael ran for the Wales team at Highclere and Richard has now joined the team as a new member and I am sure he will do well with us.

The new team selection process that I set up has now shown the gundog world that Wales has some excellent dogs that can compete at the highest level we had 37 dogs for this years selection to pick from and its getting better each year.

My own dogs have done very well this year with my young spaniel winning both gundog and club tests and 5 field trial awards while my young Labrador has also proven himself.

As for me and Ffynongain Gundogs we are having a very good summer and have flown the flag for CSJ at the Royal Welsh Spring fair, the Welsh Game fair doing the main ring gundog demonstrations on both days, and from this week on I will be at the Royal Welsh on the 22nd in the BASC marquee as the BASC Wales Gundog Advisor where I will be holding a gundog clinic. This will be followed by the Pembrokeshire County Show, the West Wales Motor Cycle Show (in aid of the Wales Air Ambulance) and the Picton Castle Country Fair – all of these shows are for 2/3 days so a busy month ahead.

Thank you,


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Welcome to FCI world championship

From Thomas Stuart Nye

DSC_4561IPO is a 3 phase sport – tracking, obedience & protection – where each phase is scored out of 100.  
The sport is governed internationally by the World Union Of Kennel Clubs (FCI) & the team is authorised by the Kennel Club who have a working agreement with the FCI.  The team is made up equally of members from the British Association for German Shepherds & the German Shepherd League of Great Britain.

Team members for 2014

(photos in no particular order)
Thomas Nye & Vytensa Asko (German Sheperd Dog)
5 x world team qualifier (WUSV & FCI 2012 &
2013, FCI 2014)
top scoring British dog at FCI 2013, Czech Republic. 
3rd place 2012, winner 2013 & 2014 BAGSD Supertrophy & FCI selection trial, high tracking & protection 2014
5th place 2012 & 3rd place 2013 GSDL/BAGSD selection trial to WUSV, top scoring protection both years (did not compete 2014)

Martin Thompson & Beckenberry Extreme (Malamute)

DSC_45613rd place 2013 and 2nd place 2014 BAGSD Supertrophy, high obedience 2014.

Reserve FCI world championships 2013

Sue Scott & Berwynfa Zero Tolerance (Malamute)
2nd place GSDL All Breeds National 2014

Paul Rekert & Newgen Aiken (Rottweiler)
3rd place GSDL All Breeds National 2014

The championships are being hosted by the Swedish Kennel Club. Full information can be found here   














Wonderful successes from Emma Gates & Shane Price – Lunartico Malamutes

We’re always delighted to hear about Lunartico Malamutes’ well deserved successes. Here’s the latest news from Emma Gates and Shane Price:
We have had another busy and successful year thanks to CSJ, both in the show ring and on the working trails, with numerous open and champ show wins, Multi Best of Breed and Working Group wins at both levels, the most recent being Galaxy’s Best puppy Bitch win at Windsor Champ Show on June 28th. Wolf is also now sitting on 2 French CAC’s, 1 more to become a French National Champion. And not forgetting another 4 working titles, 2 from the USA and 2 in the UK.
We really do appreciate everything you have done and continue to do to support us and our dogs. The dogs are really thriving now and have even been complemented on their health and condition by our vet and our grooming team
We are off on our travels again at the end of July with Galaxy to start her Junior Champion title in Belgium, and again to Belgium in August, and will also be bringing Wolf’s pups out at the end of the year. We are also going to the European dog show in Brussels in October, which again we will continue to promote CSJ as much as possible.
We recommended CSJ to Wayne Morgan the owner at Morgan’s Boneyard a few months ago, and have received some very positive feedback from him and his clients on the quality of the food. Also, Gwolf’s kids, the 2 we kept and the ones who went to other homes, are all on CSJ, which we highly recommended to the new puppy owners. We also recommended CSJ to Mrs Jessica Allen of Snowallen Alaskan Malamutes based in Cardiff, who is now feeding her dogs CSJ and is also now a stockist.
Back in March at Tredegar Limit Show, along with one of your stockist Lyndon Ingles of Inglesbulls, who we are very close friends with, we also donated a number of sacks of CSJ for the Best in show and Reserve Best in Show winners to continue to promote CSJ on the show circuit. We have also received numerous enquiries about CSJ since we added the nutrition page to our website.
We hope that all our efforts in promoting CSJ, not only in the UK but all over Europe, are contributing to CSJ becoming more successful than it already is.
Warmest Regards
Emma, Shane and the Team
(Lunartico Alaskan Malamutes – Small Kennel, Big Heart)
Emma Gates & Shane Price

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CSJ is sponsoring the GB Team at the FCI IPO world championship 2014

This year CSJ is sponsoring the GB Team at the FCI  IPO world championship 2014, with branded T shirts for the team members. More t shirts will be sold to supporters to raise funds to help them with the costs of their trip to the Championships.

IPO is a spectator sport, where the dogs compete in 3 phases

  • tracking
  • obedience
  • protection

Each marked out of 100 points. The FCI championship is the only championship that pits all FCI registered breeds against each other.

This year the championship is hosted by Sweden & the main phases will take place in the FC Malmo football stadium. On average there are over 120 competitors from over 20 nations.

In order to represent GB at these championships, each team member has undergone qualification trials and are only invited to take up a team place by finishing in the top 3 competitors nationally within their relevant association. Team GB for 2014 will be made up of 1 GSD, 1 Rottweiler and 2 Malinois. This is the first year that we will see the first team not dominated by German Shepherds.

The team members are as follows:
Thomas Nye & Vytensa Asko (GSD)
5 x world team qualifier (WUSV & FCI 2012 & 2013, FCI 2014) top scoring British dog at FCI 2013, Czech Republic.
3rd place 2012, winner 2013 & 2014 BAGSD Supertrophy & FCI selection trial, high tracking & protection 2014
5th place 2012 & 3rd place 2013 GSDL/BAGSD selection trial to WUSV, top scoring protection both years (did not compete 2014)

Martin Thompson & Beckenberry Extreme (Mal)
3rd place 2013 & 2nd place 2014 BAGSD Supertrophy, high obedience 2014.
Reserve FCI world championships 2013

Sue Scott & Berwynfa Zero Tolerance (Mal)
2nd place GSDL All Breeds National 2014

Paul Rekert & Newgen Aiken (Rott)
3rd place GSDL All Breeds National 2014

Soon you’ll be able to follow the GB Team blog to hear all about the team’s preparations and during the event, including photos and results. Find out more:

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