Welcome to FCI world championship

From Thomas Stuart Nye

DSC_4561IPO is a 3 phase sport – tracking, obedience & protection – where each phase is scored out of 100.  
The sport is governed internationally by the World Union Of Kennel Clubs (FCI) & the team is authorised by the Kennel Club who have a working agreement with the FCI.  The team is made up equally of members from the British Association for German Shepherds & the German Shepherd League of Great Britain.

Team members for 2014

(photos in no particular order)
Thomas Nye & Vytensa Asko (German Sheperd Dog)
5 x world team qualifier (WUSV & FCI 2012 &
2013, FCI 2014)
top scoring British dog at FCI 2013, Czech Republic. 
3rd place 2012, winner 2013 & 2014 BAGSD Supertrophy & FCI selection trial, high tracking & protection 2014
5th place 2012 & 3rd place 2013 GSDL/BAGSD selection trial to WUSV, top scoring protection both years (did not compete 2014)

Martin Thompson & Beckenberry Extreme (Malamute)

DSC_45613rd place 2013 and 2nd place 2014 BAGSD Supertrophy, high obedience 2014.

Reserve FCI world championships 2013

Sue Scott & Berwynfa Zero Tolerance (Malamute)
2nd place GSDL All Breeds National 2014

Paul Rekert & Newgen Aiken (Rottweiler)
3rd place GSDL All Breeds National 2014

The championships are being hosted by the Swedish Kennel Club. Full information can be found here   














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