Highland Fieldsports Fair Moy 2014‏

From Martyn Ryan

Moy Saturday 2014 195
Moy Saturday 2014 195
Thank you CSJ once again for your sponsorship of our spaniel events. We had a hugely successful two days at Moy,  and due to your generosity,  we were able to present five prizes for our novice test,  and six prizes for our open test. Here are the results:
Novice Spaniel Test Friday 1st August
1.Barbera Matheson…Beam Me Up Scottie…ESSD
2.Alan Pett…Kingcott Bow…CSD
3.George Gardiner…Meikleburn Evie…ESSB
4.Clair McPake…Centrewalk Serpent…CSD
5.Will Calder…Balmuir Sage…CSD
Open Spaniel Test Saturday 2nd August
1.Eddie Scott…Chyknell Eagle…CSD
2.Mark Richardson…Rowtonwood Lilly…ESSB
3.Stuart Dunn…Kirstzo Mr Soft…ESSD
4.Nicloa Hannann…Sealpin Sugarspun Sister of Druimmuir…ESSB
5.Jim Adamson…Rothievale Larch…ESSD
6.Dougie Gibson…Nunney Catherine…CSB
P.S. A nice wee story. Barbera Matheson, one of life’s really nice people, and a long time supporter of our Moray Firth Spaniel events explained to me before the event that her dog Scott had to have an eye removed three weeks prior to the event due to a benign tumour. She did not want anyone to know, but told me in case it all went pear shaped on the day. ***Only went on to win the novice***! Go Barbera and Scott 🙂

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