Review of the 2013/14 SDAS season

As we look forward and start preparing for the forthcoming season, we still have the memories of 2013/2014 to enjoy.

The season started with a well attended event at Tentsmuir Forest in Fife, in October 2013. Over 80 teams raced on the familiar trails, easing the dogs into the race season following a well earned rest through the hot summer days. Many new members attended, taking part in the cani cross race, these new faces were present throughout the season and are welcomed back for the 2014/2015 season.

This was followed, at the end of November, by the IFSS Triple Crown racing series and SDAS National Championship IFSS Qualifier. Held at Darnaway in Moray, this was the first ever IFSS World Cup race to be hosted in the UK. The event attracted competitors from all over the UK, with 120 teams entered, many achieving results which qualified them to race in the IFSS European Championships.

This is one of my favourite forests to race in, soft, winding trails that are gentle on the paws, with twists & turns and dips & climbs to keep the dogs interested and a perfect setting for a race of such significance.

Next up was the mudfest that was Kershope, I always think a muddy dog is a happy one 🙂SDASz

In previous years this venue has suffered icy frozen trails, causing the event to be cancelled, so a little bit of mud wasn’t going to deter the mushers from making the most of it.

There was a great atmosphere round the trail with visiting media and wellie clad members of the public coming along to spectate. When the racing was over every one got into the Christmas spirit, thanks to the committee, who kindly provided mince pies, toasted marsh mallows and  mulled wine.SDASx

The first race of 2014 was held at Culbin Forest in the north of Scotland. Over 80 teams took part, making the most of the race as the season end drew closer. The closing rSDASyace of the season was held at Bowlands trails in Perthshire. The lovely grassy trails with stunning views over the region are a must for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors with their dog(s).

SDASvA 3 stage event held over 2 days tested the mushers and dogs ability to perform in 3 races, one being in the hours of darkness.

The mushers and dogs, who had trained hard through the season, were rewarded for their efforts, seeing the dogs achieve some great results. At each race, every competitor received a selection of CSJ dog treats, including Fruit n Mutt bars and Poppetts and products from the CSJ supplement range, Billy no Mates and No Ake herbs.

Many of the top teams fuel their dogs with CSJ products, favourites being Hike On and CP30 and put their continued success down to the nutritional content and top quality ingredients.

SDASwHuge thanks to CSJ for their continued support and sponsorship, competitors enter our races knowing they will have an enjoyable weekend and that their goody bag will consist of good quality CSJ products their dog will enjoy.

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