Update from Erik Holmgaard, Denmark‏

Posting from Marie Louise Holmgaard

In this week Erik is going to the Nordic Nursery with Toby. Toby is our own breed. He is out of Cheviot Meg and Billie, Billie is out of Joe and Snip and again in Snip you find Erik’s old Moss. And next year Erik & Toby are going to The Nursery at Serge’s place.

At the weekend Erik participates in a big trial in DenmarK, Storå Lambs Cup, in Holstebro, about an hour from our place. This trial has a very high level and is very difficult. People are coming from Sweden, Norway and also some from Finland I think.

I have just pre-entered Erik for the Pre-Continental next year. He is going to run Roy and Shep (Shep which he got 4th at CSC this year).

Shirley Cropper came by some weeks ago. She was judging an Open Class at our place and had a clinic the day after. We really, really enjoyed her stay.

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