“More amazing results by Daniel Fitzgerald! Our dogs have done us proud.”

By Bethan Fitzgerald
Photography by Paulina Soltysiak
5D__0450More amazing results by Daniel Fitzgerald! Our dogs have yet again done us proud. Fetching two golds and one silver all the way down in England at the BSSF (British Sled dog Sports Federation) National Championship race in Thetford forest. It was a great opportunity to compete with the southern mushers.
He competed in the 4 dog, and won,  Danny then secured second place in the two dog scoot5D__0508er, using a young bitch with an experienced dog who made up a good duo. And first in the bike with his favourite dog, Charlie. Sire to our 9 month olds who are getting big and strong ready for next year!!!!!
Another favourite dog, Travis aka “the almighty one” was raced by a friend Cherry Fairly on the bike who also won her class!!
The SDAS (Sled Dog Association of Scotland) put on a great two stage race at Culbin forest which involved racing in the morning and at night. This really tested the fitness and stamina of our dogs as they rarely run without at least 24 hours rest between. The dogs did amazingly well, three golds in the 4 dog, 3 dog and the bike. Their times pretty much the same. You would expect them to tire but not our dogs!!!!!!

Mark Laker’s puppy Moog loves CSJ kibble + Agility Team GB news

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 23.19.35By Mark Laker
My young puppy Moog is three months old now and like all puppies of that age he is full of energy one minute, playful and mischievous the next, hungry and then tired. He’s great fun and I’m very pleased with the way he’s developing.
Naturally he’s growing up on CSJ Puppy kibble which is great for a young puppies flexible feeding routine. Why flexible? Well we like to feed the majority of our pups food from the hand. We find this builds up that important relationship where we can start introducing behaviours and rewards and tiny little training methods in a fun and playful way.
At this age he’s learning that food is good, humans are fun and if I offer behaviours I get nice rewards!
The other news this month is we’ve held the second Agility Team GB squad day,  This is the last of these days for the 2015 squad of 37 handlers. Their next challenge is the Performance Weekend held at Lincoln show in April. Then we select the teams going to the European Open in Germany and the World Championships in Italy.

Scottish National Championship / IFSS World Cup Qualifying Race in November 2014.

By Tracy Thomas

A great time was had by all who attended the Scottish National Championship / IFSS World Cup Qualifying Race in November 2014.
Image 1Participants travelled from far and wide to race in the event, hosted by The Sled Dog Association of Scotland at Culbin Forest in Moray.

This is the second time SDAS has hosted this event, and the second time such an event has been held in Scotland. The event is open to both members and non members and it has received fantastic entries on both occasions.

The first port of call was the registration tent where paper work was finalised and race numbers allocated. Following this, every entrant received a lovely canvas CSJ bag for life packed with CSJ treats and goodies from all race sponsors.

It was an early start and a nice cool, rain free, morning, making for a very pleasant race.

Classes ranged from 8 dog teams, pulling a dry land mushing rig, to single dog teams of cani crossers to junior mushers and cani crossers, and in addition to the traditionally recognised sled dogs there were dogs of various breeds!
Image 2Image 3Image 4

The trail was packed with interesting twists and turns to keep the dogs interested from start to finish and after the first day of racing everyone was invited to camp at nearby Brodie Castle, where a hog roast meal was served round a warm, welcoming camp fire. After a hearty meal everyone chatted round the fire for a while, before retiring to recharge the batteries for day 2.

Day 2 and everyone was buzzing with excitement, they now knew what the trail held in store and this chance to change who would take the winning places.
Image 5

Another lovely day of racing with some fantastic race times being achieved, and before long it was all over. The directional signs were gathered in, race times were collated, dogs were tucked up in bed and equipment was cleaned and tidied into vans and everyone gathered at race HQ for the presentation.

Image 6

Winners of each class received a 15kg bag of CSJ dog food, which many mushers feed their dogs and 1st to 3rd place in each class received CSJ Salmon Oil, CSJ Fish Cuits and CSJ herbs and all entrants received a bag of CSJ poppets.

Image 7

Image 8

Image 9Image 10

SDAS and it’s members very much appreciated CSJ’s continued sponsorship and look forward to attending each race anticipating winning some tasty nutritious CSJ products.

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