“More amazing results by Daniel Fitzgerald! Our dogs have done us proud.”

By Bethan Fitzgerald
Photography by Paulina Soltysiak
5D__0450More amazing results by Daniel Fitzgerald! Our dogs have yet again done us proud. Fetching two golds and one silver all the way down in England at the BSSF (British Sled dog Sports Federation) National Championship race in Thetford forest. It was a great opportunity to compete with the southern mushers.
He competed in the 4 dog, and won,  Danny then secured second place in the two dog scoot5D__0508er, using a young bitch with an experienced dog who made up a good duo. And first in the bike with his favourite dog, Charlie. Sire to our 9 month olds who are getting big and strong ready for next year!!!!!
Another favourite dog, Travis aka “the almighty one” was raced by a friend Cherry Fairly on the bike who also won her class!!
The SDAS (Sled Dog Association of Scotland) put on a great two stage race at Culbin forest which involved racing in the morning and at night. This really tested the fitness and stamina of our dogs as they rarely run without at least 24 hours rest between. The dogs did amazingly well, three golds in the 4 dog, 3 dog and the bike. Their times pretty much the same. You would expect them to tire but not our dogs!!!!!!

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