In the Moog for Crufts

by Mark Laker
MoogLast month I wrote about my new puppy Moog and how he’s progressing. Well this month he’s still growing in size and learning incredibly quickly too. I find it amazing just how quickly puppies learn and develop their behaviours.
Moog has his daily rations measured out, which is fed mainly from the hand and a bit in his various food bowls. Of course it’s easy at this stage to over or under feed, both, of which are not ideal, so measuring out his daily quantities ensures he gets all the major vitamins, proteins and nutrients etc. that young dogs need.
I attended a seminar recently where an expert in this field  was explaining exactly what a working dog needs in their diets in order to develop well developed muscle and bone structures etc … It made me realise just how big getting the right balance was at this key stage.
Thankfully food is still a big incentive for Moog, so his recalls, puppy games and play can still be rewarded with treats. It’ll be interesting see how long we can maintain this before other distractions from the outside world feature on his reward  list!
I’m at Crufts this weekend, an event I always enjoy. I’ll be watching as much of the agility as I can and helping on the Agility1st stand too. I hope to see you there… And all the best if you’re  competing.

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