Meet the WAO (World Agility Open) Team Wales 2015

An intro to Team Wales 2015

by Team Wales Captain, Stuart Harmes

“Hard to believe that it is this time of year again! We would like to thank you at  CSJ for once again agreeing to be our principal Sponsor for our team going out to Holland, Thanks very much for all of your support, it is very much appreciated”.


Ann Harmes                                                   Stuart Hames


Meet James Barrie Barrie and RumourMy name is Barrie James and I live in Cardiff with my wife Sam and our 4 dogs, I work part time in accounts for a large utility company and teach agility part time.

I have been training, competing and judging in agility for over 20 years and have had success at Crufts, Olympia and the World Agility Open. I have also previously managed Team Wales for 3 years at the WAO and played a part in medals attained each year.

In addition I have successfully coached some team GB members for EO and FCI.  I am really looking forward to competing for Team Wales at the WAO in The Netherlands in 2015 with my young border collie Ru.

As an agility enthusiast I take an active part in supporting GB Agility and am proud to attend major world class events and celebrate success.

Over the years I have judged many qualifiers and finals (for UK Agility & The Kennel Club) throughout the country and last year judged The Open Junior Agility Championships (OJAC) and Channel Islands Dog of the Year. Later this year I am looking forward to judging the UKA Grand finals.


James Davies and Tommy

James DaviesHi I am James Davies and Tommy is a ‘no fear adrenaline junky’ Jack Russell terrier that that believes limits are only there to be broken, chewed and buried.

Living on our 200 acre family Farm in Carmarthenshire, it provides us with a fantastic location for keeping fit and encouraging his natural terrier drive, and body conditioning and having to set his pace with working sheepdogs, he does enjoy from time to time like to get one over on them by getting cattle in before the sheep dogs get there.

I have been doing agility for over 10 years striving to improve myself and my dogs training reaching finals with my small, medium and large dogs, from well known finals to KC champ finals to WAO finals.

Using my personal policy when competing, “the only person I have to beat is myself” and “if I do my best and I will have nothing to regret” I have enjoyed success with all my dogs and achieving a great deal with Tommy at a young age. Now  I am looking forward to what the feature entails. This year will be Tommy’s second year and my third year at the WAO and we are very grateful for the continued support from CSJ at the WAO, as well as the quality food that powers my dogs.

The WAO is a fantastic event that doesn’t exclude dogs because of their breeding and is more focused on fit and healthy dogs and potentially allows the best dogs in the world to compete we endeavour to put our paw print all over the WAO this year in the Netherlands.


Meet Michele Sturge’s Ben and Cai Ben and Cai

This is Ben and Cai who are part of Team Wales going to the World Agility Open in Netherlands 2015.   They are both Welsh Sheepdogs and compete at Grade 7 in KC Agility.

Ben will be competing over 650mm and Cai will be competing at 525mm, although currently they both compete at Large for KC shows.   Cai was 11 in February this year, although as a Leap Year pup he’s technically only 2 ¾ yrs old. I’ve had Cai from 8 weeks old and picked him from the litter from the chevron on his back and travelled to Little Dean, Gloucester to collect him.

Ben will be 5 whilst in the Netherlands and was rehomed when he was 6 months old from a local farmer. Everyone knows when Ben is waiting for his go as he is very vocal although quiet when working.   Ben was also part of Team Wales who attended the WAO in Italy last year and I am looking forward to the event again this year as it was an amazing experience to be part of.

They are both handled by me, Michelle Sturge, I’ve been competing in agility for at least 14 years when I started with my then ‘Midi’ dog Missie.   I currently have 3 other dogs who will remain at home, Missie – 16 yr old crossbreed, Tân – 14 yr old Welsh Sheepdog and finally Ruby – 8yr old crossbreed. All of which have been rescues or rehomes.   Tân was the one that got me started on Welsh Sheepdogs.  


Meet Susie Josty and Ozzie SJ&OzI am very excited to be able to represent Wales this year with my 5 year old WSD Ozzie at the World Agility Open in The Netherlands in May 2015. This is our second time competing together at this event. Ozzie was just two years old on our first trip and being such a level headed dog even at a young age he took it all in his stride loving the atmosphere. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to once again compete at a big event with him by my side. Thank you to all our sponsors x


Meet Phil Robinson’s Harvey Harvey__________________________________________________________________________________________

Meet Heulwen Williams and Blod HeulwenMy name is Heulwen Williams and I’m a retired primary school head teacher. Although dogs have always been a huge part of my life, I did not have the time to take up agility until seven years ago.

Now, agility is my life! I run two large dogs, but Blod is the first small agility dog I have owned. She’s a little, street dog from Ireland, saved from the pound by Many Tears Rescue and adopted by me three years ago. She’s a Cardiganshire corgi x sheltie and is 5ish years old.Blod is very bright and easy to train and took to agility immediately, progressing very quickly up to Grade 7.


wao 183

Meet Helen Perryman and Jinx

We are both very proud to be representing Wales for the fourth year at the WAO in Holland, Jinx is a pleasure to own.
We live in beautiful Devon and spend our spare time walking on Dartmoor and agility training.
Jinx is Grade 7 at KC and Champ at UKA.

A huge thank you to CSJ for sponsoring Team Wales.


Meet Adele Newman

adeleI’m Adele Newman, I live in Pembroke Dock and I’m a mum of four. I’ve been competing in agility for six years. I currently compete with Flo, a working cocker spaniel and Dude, a border collie.
They are both a pleasure to work with and I love training and competing with them. I also have Koda, Dude’s half-brother, he’s only a youngster, but I’m having loads of fun, bringing him on.

It’s mine and Flo’s first time on the Welsh Team and I’m so excited to be competing at the WAO. and also very honoured to be representing my country.


Meet Roberta Powell and Finlay
Minolta DSC

Finley is a 5 year old toy poodle. He is a determined playful character; inquisitive, full of fun and inclined to ‘talking and grumbling’ to himself.   He loves to be close to you wherever you are and whatever you are doing. He really enjoys agility and is always ready to run.


Meet Marie Douglas & Siouxkie (Topdevonairs Madam Siouxkie)

MDouglasI live in South Wales with my husband Mark, we are owned by our dogs under the affix of ‘Starsofmars’ our stars are Kelpies, Aussie Shepherd, smooth Collie, Chihuahua, Papillion, Min Poodle, shelties and an adorable cross Kelpie.

I have been with dogs all my life, starting from as a small child confirmation handler showing my uncle’s Wendover line Irish Setters, then when I was old enough I had my own dogs during the late 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s and the noughties I have shown and bred Rough / Smooth Collies and Akita’s with prolific success. I have also judged breed many times.

Since 1999 I have competed in agility, competed in many finals and have judged in the UK and abroad. I am delighted to be competing in the WAO for the first time representing Wales with our Papillion Siouxkie, this is quite an achievement for this little dog whom lacked confidence for a long time in training, She is now the most delightful little dog I have ever handled in agility.


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