Dutch Qualifier European Drive Championship 2015 – Pre-Continental 2015

EDC_finalistenAfter two weekends of preliminary qualifier trials, the ten Dutch finalists were known.

These ten finalists have battled it out during the final of the Dutch qualifier held on Sunday May 3rd in Van Ewijcksluis in the North of Holland. The best two handlers will represent Holland in the European Drive Championship held during the Pre-Continental 2015.

Every combEDC2ination received 7 sheep, calmly set up by the sheep stewards. After gathering the sheep and turning the pole the run started. The 500 meter drive was out of three gates and these had to be achieved by making a fluent drive line.

The drive was alongEDC3 the foot of a dyck. The handler had the choice to either stay at the pole or climb onto the dyck. The judge was judging from the top of the dyck which gave him a great overview. In the afternoon the best 5 combinations were running to become the number one and two. An extra drive gate was added what made it a 700 meter drive!

The great distance and the wind couldn’t keep the handlers from finishing within the given time.

The two handlers that will represent Holland during the EDC are John Jansen with LB Mase (115/130 pnts) and Ron Snoeck with Kate (113/130 pnts).

We want to thank our volunteers, the judge Thijs Gottmer, the land owners and of course the handlers who made this a sportive qualifier.

Last but certainly not leEDC1ast we would like to thank CSJ and Ceri Rundle, our main partner of the European Drive Championship and the Pre-Continental, for the big bags of dogfood and the well-stocked goodie bags. Both received by the handlers with a big smile. For more information have a look at www.pre-continental.com

Team Pre-Continental

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