Success for Autumn all year round!

Report from  Rebecca Robinson at Operation K9

Autumn (Allwarcha Mabon Equinox at Shirostar) is now fed exclusively on CSJ CP27.

IMG_2473“Its always a difficult decision to make to change your dog’s food, especially a puppy at a critical point in its development. We were following the crowd with the food she was on; a popular highly marketed sponsor of many of the shows we went to.

We discussed her nutritional needs with Rebecca and James at Operation K9 and got some useful information regarding CSJ. We were also reassured by our vet that this was a quality choice.

The transition went very well, it seemed more palatable than her previous food and a health problem she had, thought to be associated with her previous diet, resolved within a couple of weeks. Autumns growth and development was constant and as expected for her size and age. She consistently gained the recommended weight per month with no growth spurts or stunts and her coat had a new gleam to it.

As owners of giant breeds, we have to be careful with exercise but even with her restricted activity her muscle mass is consistently commented on as being excellent for a dog of her age. At the shows we attend, we are increasingly getting comments from peers on what we feed our dogs. We are so glad we found CSJ, it’s really helped the dogs step up with their showing career.”

We also swim their older Bullmastiff (Autumns dad!) twice weekly, he is on CP30 and is in great shape. They are taking both dogs to the World’s show this month so we will hopefully have some more good news to come!

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