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This year again the Wales Gundog Team, and especially Alan Rees, Team Captain, is indebted to Ceri Rundle, of CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds for their continued support at the C.L.A. International. This is the 6th year in succession that CSJ has sponsored the Wales Gundog Team at the CLA, and, as usual, Ceri and her husband Phil are here in support of the team.

CSJ was established on Good Friday, in 1998, when Ceri, an international sheepdog trialist herself, couldn’t find an affordable, quality dog food for her, and her parents’, world-famous kennel of working border collies (Moel and Bwlch prefixes). She and her husband Phil started from scratch with help and advice from a specialist nutritionist.

Ceri was the first lady to compete on BBC TV’s ‘One Man & His Dog’, the first lady to get into the Wales National Team (3 times) and has competed for Wales at the World Trials. She is on the panel of National judges and has judged and run training clinics here and overseas. Her late father, H Glyn Jones was a former International Supreme Champion, who won the Brace competition on One Man & His Dog on 3 occasions.

CSJ has developed their range of products specifically for the working dog and is now proud to be able to claim that CSJ ‘ feeds Champions in every Field’, including agility dogs, flyballers, racing sled dogs, sheepdogs, cani-cross, heelwork to music, show and of course gundogs! Their products are distributed via a network of knowledgeable dog people in the UK and overseas.

Working with so many top handlers in the various sports, Ceri is fascinated by the similarities in terms of what we are all looking for in our dogs: Stamina, high work drive, intelligence, strong physicality, reliability, temperament etc. She readily acknowledges that the various levels of activity in the different sports need the correct specific nutrition, as there is a fine balance between fuelling this level of activity and not ‘blowing the dog up’.

Over the years Ceri / CSJ has developed a range of products which can be tailored to the needs of the individual dog and level of activity.

  • Dog Feeds (24 varieties that cater for oldies, puppies, dogs with digestive and / or skin problems, fussy eaters, greedy dogs as well as the top competition dogs).

Some of the foods that are used widely throughout the gundog world…

  • Champ
  • Hi Lost
  • Complete Tripe
  • Command Performance 21
  • Herb supplements (17 mixes including …)
    • Billy No Mates – naturally repels fleas & ticks while benefitting the skin and coat.
    • Focus! – Perfect for helping a young dog to ‘settle’ and concentrate on its training. Now used by many of the top gundog trainers and competitors – you might be surprised to know who (if they would tell you!!)
    • Go On! – For dogs wanting short bursts of speed (in hot or very cold temps.) as this mix will help prevent muscle cramps while aiding recovery times.
    • Get Over! – Perfect for very active dogs or older dogs showing signs of stiffness.
    • No Ake! – Highly effective, natural anti-flammatory pain killer.
  • Treats –
    • Fish Cuits
    • Dem Bones
    • Training Tips
    • Poppets
  • Energy Bars – ‘Fruit n Mutt’
  • Supplements –

         Salmon Oil


  • Skin Products –
    • Skinny Dip Shampoo
    • Skinny Spray
    • Skinny Cream

CSJ is now one of the fastest growing dog food companies and they are often asked why their products cost so much less than many other quality brands….

(Q: Why are the other brands so much more expensive??) CSJ keep their costs down by —

  • Not employing sales people (no salaries or company cars)
  • Not spending on expensive advertisements
  • Not having glamorous packaging etc.

Instead they prefer to help the various sports at grass roots level (sponsoring Gundog Clubs / Tests) as well as sponsoring International Teams and Championships. They continue to grow through personal recommendations, referrals and word-of-mouth.

For those of you that have also experienced CSJ Dog Food first hand, I’m sure that you’ll agree with Alan Rees that it is a fantastic product which provides a well balanced feed for our canine friends – whether it be ‘Hi Lost!’, ‘Champ!’ or the numerous nutrient supplements that are available.

CSJ is the main sponsor for the Wales Team at the CLA Game Fair and every member of the team is grateful for the financial and moral support that enables them to compete at this prestigious event.

In addition to CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, the Welsh Kennel Club has again supported the Welsh Team with their traveling expenses and again we are grateful to them for their continued support.

Alan Rees – Captain Wales Gundog Team

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