Clwyd Retriever Club Spring Test Results

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Spring test 2015 results


1st – Barry Prescott with Kipperidge Rita

2nd – Jackie Owen  with Muggleswick ChaCha of Marionbach

3rd – Suzanne Bailye with Artistryn Usha              

4th – Suzanne Bailye  with Leawyn Landsdown   



1st – Judith White with  FTCH Labdom Lewis of Minstead            

2nd – Catherine Allsop with Glasybont Springing Teal    

3rd – Wesley Travis  with Brackenbird Lucas       

4th – Jackie McHugh  with Hawkesgarth Indra   

C of M – Jacqui Eyre  with Highhouse Bran

The winner of the Ernie Bradshaw Memorial Trophy for scoring the highest marks on the day was

Judith White with  FTCH Labdom Lewis of Minstead scoring 116 out of 120 marks


The event was sponsored by CSJ Cannine Foods, Bodfari & Olympic Trophies, Chester

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