Catch up with James Urwin – if you can!

Jim Urwin

Report from James Urwin

Thanks again for your ongoing support: it is very much appreciated.

I haven’t done as many Cani-Cross races over the past year – old age is catching up with me a bit – but we haven’t done too badly.  Boris and I got silver at the European Canicross Championships in France at the beginning of October – a real surprise given that there were a few very good ‘youngsters’ who had moved up into my (over-60) age group, so that was pleasing.  And then at the end of October we were back in France with the GB team for the European Dryland Sleddog Championship.  We never stood a chance, having to run against guys over twenty years younger than me, but we certainly did not embarrass ourselves: Boris pulled me along through the mud at such a rate I thought I was going to pass out at one stage!

The BSSF Championships at Thetford – a great event, in no small part due to CSJ’s support – was another highlight.  Again, we were running against guys twenty years younger than me, but we managed second place (I’m still not sure how).  This means that we have qualified again for the GB team, this time at the World Dryland Sleddog Championships in Canada later this year.   

Anyway, thanks again for everything.

James Urwin

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