Frodo – just skin, bones and terrified – read about Lesley Beauchamp’s rescues

Frodo 1We’re delighted to say that Lesley Beauchamp feeds her rescue dogs on CSJ Champ! Read the amazing story of Frodo here ‘Just skin, bones and terrified”: 

Posting by Lesley Beachamp

We bring in Caniches and Bardinos and any other dog that touches our hearts, when we visit the Sara rescue centre in Lanzarote to choose the ones that come back with us to the UK.
We meet all our dogs before we bring them over and anyone who wants to choose a dog from the website, we will personally check their temperament before we fly them back to the UK.

El PrincipeSo far we have housed 80 dogs in the UK, most of which have been Podencos as they vastly outnumber the rest of the dogs in the shelter, but we aim to give all breeds that we can get out, a chance for a good life.

The 5 dogs here all need homes.

Fibi 1

To find out more about these incredible rescues, read the original press release about Rick and Lesley Beauchamp: ttp://

Conil 1 newFor more info, contact: Lesley Beauchamp


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