Welcome to the Dutch Team at the CLA for the Euro Challenge

NDTPosting by Gerda Companien

From left to right:
Gerda Companjen (Team Captain) with Hanrebor Sir Patrick (Lab)
Henk Hoogenkamp with Gleen Mhor’s Jewel (GR)
Annemarijn Bierenga with Flocke (GLP)

On Friday 31 July 2015 the Euro Challenge will take place in the International Arena at the CLA Game Fair, Harewood House, Leeds.

The Euro Challenge is a team event for 9 teams, 8 teams from Europe and one from the UK. Each team consists of three handlers and three dogs from different retriever breeds or other breed which works as a retriever. The test will simulate the many and varied situations that arise when out shooting and picking-up. It is always very interesting to see how the various types of dogs deal with the same exercise.

The team representing The Netherlands will come over with a Labrador, a Golden retriever and a German Longhair Pointer. Team captain Gerda Companjen did pick the dogs on their quality of having a Field Trial Award and Awards in Open Working Tests.

Each team may arrange its own sponsorship and the Dutch team is very honoured that CSJ will be the sponsor! Team captain Gerda Companjen does own Golden retrievers as well and is delighted with the result of feeding CSJ. This top quality food covers the special needs of working dogs, even the most sensitive one.

Hope to meet you all at the CLA Game Fair!

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