Home International Competition at the CLA, Harewood House

After a rainy Saturday, the sun shone on Sunday, the third day of the CLA. We watched the 2nd day of the Home International Competition at Harewood House, which began at 9.30am on Saturday 1st August. There were 4 national teams, comprising of 5 retrievers and 5 spaniels over the two days, from England Ireland Scotland Wales.

On Sunday, the labradorsScreen Shot 2015-08-04 at 09.20.25 took part in  6 retrieves, including 3 marks and 3 blinds.


  • Peter Bates
  • Jamie Bettinson
  • Graham Cox
  • Jim Dyke

Handlers and dogs

  • Ireland -Sean Diamond – Doohooma Lad
  • Wales – Nigel Probert – Slipside Danzy Jones (Jenny)
  • England – Andy Latham – Bruce – Ftch Rimrock Hurricane
  • Scotland – Mike Rolland – Square Close Nathan of Cardy (Jock)

It was a challenging course with a high fence at the bottom of the field into the wood. When a dog runs up to it sideways or at an angle, it proves much harder to jump. The judges always prefer the return to be the most direct route possible and sometimes that meant across the water.

While each dog took its go, the handler hid the other competing dogs behind trees so they couldn’t see the direction of the throw. Once the dog was in the right area, the course became even more tricky after the ground drops away towards the woods, as the handler couldn’t see the dog. However, despite some complex angles, the dogs achieved some very tidy retrieves, as quickly and speedily as possible.

The final retrieve took place over the whole length of the arena, made even more difficult by being sent out across the water before running the full length of the arena (180 yds) and jumping over the 3 fences to find the dummy that was lying under an old oak tree, at the far end of the field, where the handler lost sight of the dog. IMG_6472 IMG_6463 IMG_6460 IMG_6463

CLA Results

  • 1st England
  • 2nd Ireland
  • 3rd Wales
  • 4th Scotland

Overall results at the CLA

Best team spaniels:

  • 1st – England
  • 2nd – Wales
  • 3rd – England

Best spaniel – Ireland

Best team retrievers – England – David Latham captain

Best retriever

  • 1st England – John Halstead
  • 2nd Richard King
  • 3rd David Latham

Best Marking retriever

Sean Diamond – Ireland

Sean Moriarty from Ireland won three prizes:

  • Best champion
  • Best Irish dog
  • Best spaniel

Sean Moriarty’s winning spaniel, Tearsol Flash has held the title for three years running – a completely amazing achievement.

The best Irish retriever was: Willow Rose.


Sean Moriarty and Tearsol Flash


Earl of Harewood


Congratulations to everyone who won and our thanks to David Lascelles, Earl of Harewood, who owns two fine Waimarana dogs.





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