Report from Arfon Working Gundog Club Open AV Retriever Stake 4 Nov 2015‏

ArfonThe Arfon Working Gundog Club held its one day 12 dog Open AV Retriever Stake at the Checkley Wood Shoot on the 4th November 2015 by kind permission of Mr Ivor Beavis. The judges were Mr Kevin Brady, Mr Peter Bates, Mr Mike Allen and Mr Peter Spencer.
The weather was overcast but dry and mild. The ground was testing with the first two dogs on the left eye wiped by the judges on the first bird shot. The stake continued in this vein with a steady supply of game and  half the dogs dropped by the end of the second round. A further dog was lost by the end of the third round and to finish there was a short dive after which the judges closed their books and declared the trial over.
Congratulations to all those in the awards and to all the competitors who took part. I wish to thank Ivor and Nick Beavis our hosts,the judges the guns.and the volunteer helpers who helped the day run smoothly.
Thanks also to our sponsors CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds and Gary McCarthy of Gundog Gear.
First – Victoria Stanley with Patanvac Brough lab D
2nd – not warded
3rd – Victoria Stanley with Minstead Maigret  lab D
to Gordon Hodgson with Garagill Nizam lab D, Peter Thompson with Thornyoaks Topaz lab D (also guns Choice), Mr Wayne Skett with Emmanygan Ultra lab B
Photo shows (l-r) – Wayne Skett, Peter Bates, Gordon Hodgson, Mike Allen, Peter Thompson, Kevin Bradey, Peter Spencer, Victoria Stanley.

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