Moray Firth Spaniel Trial Reports‏

“Thanks again for your sponsorship. I have had my own dogs on CSJ for more than 2 years now and I’m very pleased with it. Dogs never seem to get bored and turn their noses up. I like to give them a change now and then and there’s something in the range to suit virtually any dog.” Lorna Gray



The Moray Firth Spaniel & Retriever Club held their Spaniel Trials at the end of October and before going any further I would like to thank the judges, Mr Edward Martin and Mr Steve Bates who each gave up their time and travelled a long way to judge for us on both days.

Our sincere thanks also go to our generous sponsors CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, Tain Pottery and D & FM Sporting who have been extremely kind to us over the years. It really is appreciated by the club and its members.
Over the course of the weekend we had help from a number of volunteers, Jane, Willie, Jimmy and of course Martyn and Alan who have also been on hand to help me out in my first year as secretary. I would like to say a personal thank you to all of you and to the members who have helped to make the job a whole lot more enjoyable than I thought was possible!

On Friday 23rd October we held our Open Qualifying ESS Trial at Altyre Estate by the kind permission of Sir Alasdair Gordon-Cumming. We have been to Altyre Estate for several years running now and once again Head Keeper Peter Cairney and his team of guns gave us an excellent trial.

Everyone was very pleased with the day. The first two dogs had finds very quickly after being cast off in the bracken and the supply of game was great after that.

Weather conditions were good and the trial finished mid-afternoon. The cover was a mixture of bracken in woodland, heather, rashes and brashings. The pheasant seem to like it as well as we did.



1st – Alec Coutts – Spamvalley Honey of Stagsden
2nd – Bill Johnstone – Buccleuch Katy
3rd – David Wilson – Granton Minstrel
4th – Jim Clark – Shalloakwest Skooter


COM’s to:

Stuart Dunn – Kirstzo Mr Soft (& Guns Choice)
JimAdamson – Rothievale Larch
Ben Watkins – Pitrahh Dirty Annie


The next day we moved to Glenferness Estate for our Novice AV Spaniel Trial. Again we have been there for several years in a row now and the ground is lovely for spaniels. Our thanks go to Lady Balgonie and her Gamekeeper Terry Bain for allowing us back there and also to the Guns who had a tough day.

The first night of rain we had for a long time meant that the pheasants had been keen to get out into the sunshine early in the morning giving many of the dogs the opportunity to show off their determination and hunting ability before getting a find. It was a challenging trial and a variety of game was shot in the end. I did see a woodcock which kept well out of the way, but we ended the day with pheasant, rabbits and hares, and a good number of the dogs completed the trial.
1st Dougie Gibson – Speytrack Ann
2nd Davie Wilson – Granton Minstrel
3rd Bill Johnstone – Helmsway Honeybee
4th Andrew Cunningham – Woodlandbank Bramble (& Gun’s Choice)
COM’s to:

Gary Vennard – Craigscourt Black Jack
Jim Adamson – Strawberry Glen Sunrise of Jenoren
Jim Temporal – Gartshore Thistle
Raymond Harrow – Kinross Meg
Ryan Hoggan – Bostonmoor Battleaxe
Congratulations to everyone in the awards over the weekend.

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