December highs from Beth and Danny Fitzgerald

Posting from Beth and Danny Fitzgerald

Our last race of 2015 and we finish on a high! The trails were muddy, hilly and fun! Danny took home Gold with his 4 dog team, achieving the fastest time of the whole rally! And Beth was also won Gold with her two dogs too, Bryn and Gimli.

Half the trail was fast but the other half was a slow incline with so much mud so it was hard for the musher to get grip. It all came down to the dogs strength and fitness to get the Gold and they did us proud one more.

A little rest and back to full training for next month, the dogs are doing fantastic, getting CP30, Go On! herbs, Storm Canis® and Salmon Oil. Salmon oil is great in the winter to keep their coats and skin in top condition for fending off the mud and keeping them warm.

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Happy Wocki news

Posting from Terena Plowright

Terena PlowrightJan2016

I just want to let you know about how your food has affected Wocki (12 years old) – she was always incredibly hungry and had trouble going through the night without going into the garden for a wee – every night about 2am (it was so annoying) for about a year before swapping to your food!


But now since eating your food, she is calm and not desperate for food at all, but more than that – she has not asked to go into the garden at night for weeks.  She is amazing – her coat is amazing – she is happier and I wanted to THANK YOU for making her life so much better.


Sweep is like a controlled bullet on this stuff – perfect working partner!


Terena Plowright
 Terena Plowright2Jan2016

Fit and keen

MLakerPosting by Mark Laker
The Agility Team GB Coaching Team has been busy over the last few weeks making final preparations for the first squad day on Sunday 06 December.
I’m really looking forward to this day, it signifies the start of the 2016 international agility season. There are new members of the Coaching Team this year who are keen to get started; it will be the first time on the squad for a lot of handlers so they’ll be excited too (I hope); we have some additional helpers from the agility community coming  and the local press will be there too. It should be a great day.
At home our dogs are all looking well. We’ve recently put Torro and Kodi (our retire agility dogs) on to a CSJ senior food and they seem to be doing really well on it. They have had active agility careers reaching championship level, and they still enjoy their walks, running around the field and Kodi will take the opportunity to run up the A Frame given the chance to get an extra reward – crafty aren’t they!
I’m increasing the fitness levels my current competition dog Devo now as we build up for Olympia in a couple of weeks. This includes building up general fitness with road walking / jogging, extra agility, core strength and of course a healthy diet. Although its me who mostly needs fitness levels building!