December highs from Beth and Danny Fitzgerald

Posting from Beth and Danny Fitzgerald

Our last race of 2015 and we finish on a high! The trails were muddy, hilly and fun! Danny took home Gold with his 4 dog team, achieving the fastest time of the whole rally! And Beth was also won Gold with her two dogs too, Bryn and Gimli.

Half the trail was fast but the other half was a slow incline with so much mud so it was hard for the musher to get grip. It all came down to the dogs strength and fitness to get the Gold and they did us proud one more.

A little rest and back to full training for next month, the dogs are doing fantastic, getting CP30, Go On! herbs, Storm Canis® and Salmon Oil. Salmon oil is great in the winter to keep their coats and skin in top condition for fending off the mud and keeping them warm.

More sled dog news on the website

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