Happy Wocki news

Posting from Terena Plowright

Terena PlowrightJan2016

I just want to let you know about how your food has affected Wocki (12 years old) – she was always incredibly hungry and had trouble going through the night without going into the garden for a wee – every night about 2am (it was so annoying) for about a year before swapping to your food!


But now since eating your food, she is calm and not desperate for food at all, but more than that – she has not asked to go into the garden at night for weeks.  She is amazing – her coat is amazing – she is happier and I wanted to THANK YOU for making her life so much better.


Sweep is like a controlled bullet on this stuff – perfect working partner!


Terena Plowright
 Terena Plowright2Jan2016

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