Down Boy! The difference has been amazing, the marking has decreased by 90%!

Posting from Sandie Owen
Down Boy - shaggy dogHe is a 2 year old, intact lurcher, approx 24” (whippet, collie, greyhound). The biggest problem that I have had with him is marking everywhere, corner of the beds, sofa’s even getting up on the side in the kitchen and weeing over the kettle !!!!!!!! It had really got to a stage where I didn’t know what to do with him. I didn’t want to have him neutered as I enjoy showing him at working dog shows (he was in the last 8 at the midlands country fair, Champion of Champions 2015).
Sandie Owen
I have noticed a significant difference since giving him Down Boy! at tea time, as I said he isn’t keen on the taste but mixing it with butter helps, he is fussy at the best of times tho. The difference has been amazing the marking has decreased by 90% I would say, he is also more laid back and less territorial towards the other animals in the house.
Sandie Owen2
I have also noticed an improvement in his coat, lovely shine.”

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