‘Sheepwatch’ CSJ Competition

Did you see Terena on Countryfile on Sunday 28th Feb. 2016?

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Enter our competition before 6th March & we’ll give 5 lucky winners a pack of Terena’s dogs’ favourite CSJ treat Gnaw Rolls!

Terena Plowright from the important sheep protection project ‘Sheepwatch’ has been filming recently with Countryfile. The programme featuring Sheepwatch was screened on 28th Feb. 2016. You can see it here

To celebrate Terena’s success and promote awareness of Sheepwatch, we’re launching a competition to win 5 packs of Terena’s dog’s favourite tasty treat –   CSJ Gnaw Rolls

How to Enter

We’ll give away a pack of Terena’s dog’s favourite treats – Gnaw Rolls, to the first five lucky correct winners that we select at random, who can tell us the name of Terena’s highly trained and intelligent dog who has a dog show named after him! Gnaw Rolls are ideal  for a reward and can benefit your dog’s oral health. Just visit Terena’s website and tell us the name of Terena’s dog: http://www.terena.co.uk

Then send your answer with your name and email us here before midnight on March 6th: Win a pack of Gnaw Rolls competition

SheepWatch UK has been set up in response to the growing number of dog attacks on sheep


Sheepwatch is attrcating huge interest from The Kennel Club,  Crufts,  the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) and the National Sheep Association.  Soon Sheepwatch will give Parish Councils a toolkit to use across the UK to highlight the issue of dog attacks on sheep.

You can follow SheepWatch on facebook

SheepWatch UK is aiming to reduce the number of dog attacks on sheep over the next year

Calling all farmers, organisations, media and general public, Sheepwatch is launching a campaign in February and urgently needs your  support.
If you can help, please contact us: TerenaPlowright@gmail.com
Sheepwatch Aims

To reduce the number of dog attacks on sheep

  • To promote the safety and well being of the UK flock
  • To encourage education about sheep farming to general public


  • To educate the general public to keep their dogs on leads near sheep and help to protect their National Flock
  • Ask farmers to put signs up to indicate that sheep are in the field to remove the excuse ‘I didnt know there were sheep in the field’
  • To work towards a fine if dogs are off leads in a field with sheep – regardless of whether it is chasing them
  • To set up a website to record the true depth of the problem
  • To work out the cost to the industry
  • To drive this campaign at community level

Remember you can catch up with Terena on Countryfile on Sunday 28th Feb

Download the programme on BBC iPlayer here:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b072q01p/countryfile-essex

To find out more about Sheepwatch, visit: http://www.terena.co.uk

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