Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.28.42.pngSELECTION TO BE HELD ON SUNDAY, 8TH MAY 2016

This year the Four Nations International gundog working test is to be held at THE GAME FAIR at Ragley Hall on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st July 2016.,

The CLA Game Fair has now been superseded by THE GAME FAIR and, we look forward to new exciting times, with the event taking on a new enhanced venue but based on exactly the same format. The best Spaniel and Retriever dogs and handlers from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales go head to head in two intensive days of competition.

As Captain of Wales, I invite all Welsh Spaniel handlers to a selection test to be held here at –

SA 14 7 BS

My telephone number is 01269 841281 or mobile 07966 772402

My email address is

The meet is for 9.30 a.m. for a prompt start at 10.00 a.m.

Please ring or email to confirm your attendance or to ask any questions you have regarding the event.

The criteria set for qualification for the selection test is as follows:

  1. The dog must have won an Open Working Test
  2. Won or at least had an award in a Novice Field Trial

Yours in Sport

Alan Rees



My dogs look fantastic and are full of energy without being nutters!

My dogs look fantastic and are full of energy without being nutters!

By Katy Parrot

All 5 labrador boys have your salmon oil, and the older dogs have No Ake! on a  ‘as and when required’  basis, especially in the shooting season. As you will see if you look at the other pages on my website,  in addition to being working gundog my labradors also do a lot of agility,  with great success!

My friend Marianne Butler had a discussion on my behalf with your nutritionist when CP7 was introduced and they decided that my current feed regime of Fit ‘n Fast! for the younger dogs, with Hike On! mixed in to top up when working hard, Salmon Oil for everyone, seaweed and Billy No Mates! liquid for everyone was about right. I usually also use go on powder for Oak during the competition season but Fig won’t eat it. Oak Ash and my husband’s old Sam are all now on CP7 Plus. These older 3 all have yumove too, although I’d dearly like to cut that out now that they have the supplements within CP7, as it’s jolly expensive!

My only slight waiver at the moment is 2 year old Fig who needs a lot of Fit ‘n Fast! to keep the weight on (he has a lot of exercise and runs a lot) and recently has been  less keen on breakfast. He eats supper absolutely fine but I’m having to tempt him at breakfast.   I wonder if I’m over facing him with the large portion.   I may introduce Hike On! for breakfast and give a little less of that, with Fit ‘n Fast! for supper still. I’ve had his teeth checked and they’re fine, and he eats supper with gusto!

I regularly recommend CSJ as over the last few years since I changed to it my dogs look fantastic and are full of energy without being nutters. It’s a great food, thank you!

Best wishes


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Trying out the handlers for this year’s international teams…

TeamGB_gencon-1024x1024CSJ Blog from agility team GB‏

by Mark Laker

Last weekend agility team GB held two days for handlers involved in this years international teams. On Saturday 40 junior handlers attended the second and final selection day for a chance in the team going to Slovakia in July. And on Sunday the adults had their second squad day. Both these events are exciting and a great opportunity to see these handlers perform on the types of courses they can expect at the championships.
The juniors really impressed me. They were confident, enthusiastic and appeared hardly phased at all by being assessed, scored and watched as they ran their dogs. We’ll be announcing the team later this week.
I had fantastic support on Sunday from the Coaching Team and some agility volunteers. One of these people said to me ‘ I can now see what sets these handlers a part from the general population of agility competitors’. She was referring to their professionalism, dedication and technical skills throughout the day. Selecting the final team is going to be a tough call again.
Once again it was great to get the support from our sponsors at these events. With their help we can provide fantastic facilities to train at, equipment built to the international spec and professionals helping to prepare the team.
I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Ceri and the CSJ team from everyone involved with the juniors and the adult team. Your support make all this possible.
Next month it’s the Performance Weekend. The final countdown before selecting the adult teams.