You’ll Be Swept Away with Sweep’s Display

Posting by Terena Plowright

TP1Sweep the sheepdog will be visiting Longdown Activity Farm with his owner Terena Plowright on 8th May to demonstrate his incredible herding skills with the help of friendly geese Yogi, Gaylan, Shipley and Rosie.

Wocki the sheepdog will also be watching Sweep skilfully navigate the geese around a series of obstacles.

The audience will be able to learn the different commands which have been used by generations of shepherds across the country, and can even have a go at saying them to see if Sweep will listen. Sweep will certainly be smiling as he demonstrates what he loves doing best in the world.

Sweep’s owner Terena Plowright has worked sheepdogs for over 25 years

She has recently appeared on BBC’s Countryfile as a founder member of SheepWatch UK, which is an organisation working with farmers and dog owners to reduce the number of dog attacks on sheep.

Terena says of Sweep: “He is 3 years old and has been working for the last 2 years so is still very young. He tries very hard and is absolutely brilliant but people should watch his back legs when he is told to ‘lie down’ as he sometimes cheekily creeps forwards, which the children love to see. He is the kindest chap you will ever meet and very handsome!  At home, Sweep works the geese, the sheep, tries to work the chickens, and has also attempted to work the cats, but got a swift bash on the nose for his trouble! Sweep would rather work that do anything else so he will be very happy demonstrating his skills at Longdown Activity Farm.”

Come and see Sweep, Terena, and retired sheepdog Wocki, who loves to meet the children and be stroked all day long, on Sunday 8th May at Longdown Activity Farm (no extra charge). The usual full schedule of hands-on activities will take place all day.

Sweep will be at the Rural Seaside Show at Southsea over the  early May Bank Holiday which attracts between 10-20,000 people, where he will demonstrate his skills herding the geese to about 15,000 people. He will appear with me who will be available to answer questions about the working dog and also questions about the four active cheeky geese.

South Downs Show

The show is getting nearer again and we have enlarged the dog activity area this year offering have-a-go agility, flyball, pet health check (by vets), pet grooming and care advice (by trained persons), training tips, and of course as usual, the gun dogs, sheepdog demos, etc, etc.

Wocki has CP18
Sweep has Fit’n’fast

Terena Plowright
Mobile 07918941398
Landline 01730 823970 (until 8am- 8pm unless very urgent)
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