The Arfon Working Gundog Club AV Retriever test – Sunday 29th May 2016


The Arfon Working Gundog Club held an AV Retriever test on Sunday 29th May 2016 at Bodrida Farm, Brynsiencyn, Anglesey by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Peter Rogers.

Judges were Mr Phillip J Smithies, Dr Nicola Reynolds and Mrs Jackie A Owen.
The weather was warm and sunny and the ground was testing.
We would like to thank our hosts, the judges, competitors and especially the helpers without whom we would be unable to hold our tests. Thanks also to the continued support of our sponsors CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds and Gary McCarthy of Gundog Gear.
First – James  Murphy with Mastertoutch Flash
Second – Gary McCarthy with Muggleswick Samba
Third – Ryan McKnight with Loughgashell Nifty Nick of Gunnarah
Fourth – Harvey Jones with Ty Newydd
COMs – David Ross with Marvellous Mossey & Kim Dutton with Kenmilleven Midnight Kip
First – Paul Murphy with Magnificent Maximus
Second – Kim Dutton with Shadyacres Teardrop
Third – Elaine Chappell with Crooksber Lark
COMs – Paul Murphy with Lady Emma of Shamrock & Thomas Newton with Kirger Saint Kitts of Brogdenview
Photo shows (L-R) David Ross, Rye McKnight, Gary McCarthy, Jackie Owen (Judge), James Murphy, Kim Dutton, Paul Murphy, Harvey Jones, Phil Smithies (Judge), Nicola Reynolds (Judge)

Keep your dog parasite-free, the NATURAL way!

Blog posting by Joy Matthews

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Are you concerned about the chemicals in conventional worming, flea and tick treatments?

If you’re looking for an alternative, read on!   Here are two products that tackle all those parasite nasties using totally natural ingredients:

  • Billy No Mates – to keep away fleas, ticks and mites
  • Verm X – worming treatment

Both products have a strong odour – not unpleasant but strong!  It’s what keeps the parasites away.   So, if your dog is a fussy eater you may need to craftily disguise the herbs in his dinner!  But if you can surmount this (minor) hurdle, you’ll find that BNM (Billy No Mates) makes your dog’s coat beeeautifully silky and soft … and makes him smell lovely (it’s not the reason I use the product but it’s a definite bonus).

How The Products Work & How To Switch

Both products create an environment that parasites find repugnant!  The herbs repel parasites from wanting to go near your dog in the first place; but should your dog ingest any ‘intruders’, the herbs make it difficult for the parasites to survive.  Give BNM alongside your current medication for 1 month to ensure a smooth transition and that your dog is fully protected during the product change.

What Are You Waiting For?! 

Let nature’s pharmacy keep your dog parasite-free… and his coat glossy, silky and smelling suuuper!

If you’d like more information about this topic or about training your dog or puppy, contact Joy on  or 07717 89 44 14 for your free consultation.

About Joy Matthews

“I grew up in the rolling hills of Lancashire’s ‘Ribble Valley’ – you’ll probably notice a slight Northern twang! After my degree I worked in London for 16 years as a Recruiting/HR Manager.  However, in 2014, I was lucky enough to be able to change my career completely and follow my real passion – dogs! Now I help other people train their dogs so they have a dog who’s beeeautifully behaved and welcomed anywhere; a dog they feel proud of.” Read more about Joy



Congratulations to the Wales Team – 3rd place at Skinners Gundog International 2016

By Alan Rees

Alan Rees

The Skinners Gundog International for Retrievers was held this year at Englesfield, near Reading on the 14th and 15th May, 2016. There were 15 international teams entered, with 4 retrievers per team; Wales, ably lead by Mark Bettinson, had suffered the late withdrawal of Alan Rees, with FTCh Jobeshill Ragnar of Flypatch. The Wales team competing were

  1. Mark Bettinson
  2. Jammie Bettinson
  3. Nigel Probert
  4. Craig Perry.

After a very difficult and challenging first day Wales rallied on the second day to end up in a creditable 3rd place overall. Winners of the event were Holland on 648 points, second place went to England on 636 points and Wales register a very creditable 620 points. In his first World Cup event Nigel Probert scored 159 points out of a possible 200 (79.5%), Craig Perry scored 156 (78%), Jamie Bettinson scored 153 (76.5%) and Mark Bettinson scored 152 (76%) out of 200. This was achieved on a very difficult and demanding course.

A very big Thank you to CSJ for their continued, invaluable sponsorship of the team.

Alan Rees


The Gordon Setter Championships Show 2016

The Ch Show
Posting from Sharon Green
The Championships Show was held on 7th May 2016 at Cochrane Hall, Alva, Clackmannanshire
DCC & BIS – Alcorn, Crowther, Swan & Baddeley’s Sh Ch Lourdace Fulcrum JW
RDCC & RBIS – Horler’s Sh Ch Lourdace Stable Lad at Rackens ShCM
BCC & BOS & BVIS – Green’s Ch Balnakeil An Cearcallach
RBCC – Frew’s Dunfionn Rysa
BPIS – Warren’s Benbuie Secret Agent
All the winners were delighted with their dog food and winners packs!

For more information, please contact:

Dogfrisbee Event in the Netherlands

From Jos van Sluis

UFO Local: Amazing Frisbee Cup
Aalst/Waalre, North Brabant, April 23rd, 2016
Hosted by Amazing Frisbee Dogs

The event was a big success. Here are some photo’s of the winners and prizes.

It was a long day, but all people enjoyed the event. Lot of wind so it was difficult for all competitors.

You can find the complete results on the UFO site

The German and Belgian competitorsg won most of the prices in the freestyle.

Thanks for the sponsorship.

CSJ comment

Jos Van Sluis from the Netherlands was our CSJ representative at this Dogfrisbee qualifier event for the World Cup Series show that we sponsored on 23rd April 2016.

Imagine, Believe, Achieve – Easter Training Camp

By Leah Gardner


Stacey Irwin and myself would like to say an enormous thank you to CSJ who so generously supported our agility camp. Each of our participants were supplied with a lovely goodie bag at the start of their camp (all courtesy of CSJ).

We had a fabulous camp even if the gale force winds at the beginning threatened to stop play! It was a great camp with lots of fun and such a wonderful bunch of people and dogs.
I’m really pleased to say all the treats and samples went down well. Since camp lots have people have reported back with wins (which Stacey and myself love hearing about). Next camp is in 2 1/2 weeks. We can’t wait 😊
Herbsntreats copy

Meet the judges at the WAO

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 13.36.53

The World Agility Open (WAO) is an annual international event designed to:

  • Provide the ultimate in dog agility competition where speed, efficiency, and consistency are all necessary for success
  • Showcase the highest level of agility training, human/canine partnership, and athleticism
  • Acknowledge the dog as an athlete and equally important member of the agility partnership
  • Enable all dogs, whether pedigreed or not, to compete in an environment that is solely focused on the sport of agility
  • Promote the design of better and safer agility equipment, new technology to improve the sport, and better show management processes.

The WAO provides competitors with:

  • Jump height divisions where similar types of dogs compete against one another
  • An excellent competition running surface and show environment
  • Several different types of contests with maximum runs to adequately test teams for all the skill sets necessary to be the best in dog agility.

Meet the judges here


It is an honour to be part of the World Agility Open Championships. I have been appointed to oversee the competition judges and assist them with interpreting and implementing rules and regulations. My primary focus will be to meet WAO objectives for a positive and safe competition with fairness and consistency in judging. Course designs from three outstanding judges will provide a variety of challenges to reward brilliance in dog agility. Read more


Anthony Clarke is known as one of the UK’s top trainers and competitors with 15 years’ experience working with dogs and taking every dog he has owned to the very top level of British Agility.

Anthony’s agility expertise has taken him all over the world presenting inspirational and motivational seminars in countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, USA, Canada and Japan. Read more


Click here to view sample courses.


Patty started agility in 1986 with her Springer Spaniel “Scooter.” In 1991, judging for United States Dog Agility Association became a way to learn more about the sport and see the growth of agility across the USA. Judging for American Kennel Club started in 1994 with the inception of that program and was another way to contribute to the growth of agility here in the states. Read more

Click here to view sample courses.


Hello everybody!
I am 47 years old and a pre-retired Paratroop Lieutenant Colonel. My wife, Sandra, and I live in Vila Nova da Barquinha-Santarem, Portugal with our three-year-old daughter Margarida and our four dogs. We have three Border Collies and a Schnauzer. One Border Collie is dedicated to competing in agility and the others are dedicated to Animal Assisted Therapy; an activity that I carry out as a volunteer. Read more


Jenny, Tiga & Yogi do amazing work searching for lost dogs

Jenny Brown, a very successful canicrosser does amazing work searching for lost dogs with her dogs bella beagle 1 reunited 2Tiga and Yogi. 


In the photo, you can see a beagle being reunited with her owners after Tiga found her.

“If you have a box of tissues just look at the video clip of a Dooley a puggle we helped over the phone to reunite after 13 days – I was grounded with a broken hand and so advised Dooley all the way back! You can hear their 2 year old son guiding him back!” Go to the K9Tracker page on facebook

“Dooley the elusive Puggle, went missing for 12 days, so many sightings, so many times you ran scared, so many miles you covered until experience took control. Your owners listened, you were then allowed to chill and stayed in one area for a few days. The stake out began and it was 2 year old Jack that was the star. He walked round singing Happy Birthday, dragged Dooleys lead in one hand and a fist full of chicken in the other and it wasnt long before Dooley came and ate the chicken – game over!

Tiga and Yogi are still totally amazing me – a beagle was put in a horsebox at the beginning of a journey, by the end of the journey the beagle was not in the box but the jockey door was open. So the beagle had jumped out or fallen out somewhere along the journey. 4 days later Tiga went to track and found the beagle safe!
“Yogi tracked a lakeland terrier to a badger sett and shouted down it – a few hours later the dog came out!” Jenny Brown


Look out for Jenny Brown and Tiga at a new event in Hampshire in August and in Kent in September 2016. They are raising awareness in remembrance of Si & Cush’s charity war dogs.


Find out more about Jenny Brown on our website

Agility team GB Performance Weekend

By Mark Laker

The Agility Team GB Coaching Team have just held this years Performance Weekend, the final part of the process we go through to identify the top dogs and handlers for this years international competitions. I’m pleased to say it all went very well.

This competition attracted over 100 agility competitors and the 50+ handlers in this years squad. These were all handlers interested in Team GB and wanted to compete on a typical international course designed and judged by an European judge. This year Ander Virtanen from Finland judged for us. Anders set some fantastic courses all designed to test the speed and accuracy of the dogs & handlers. This is essential for us as these are the type of courses we can expect in Europe the year.
The 2016 teams have now been selected
This can be both one of the most enjoyable parts of my role as Team Manager and one of the most challenging; thankfully the selection process involves all seven of the coaching team so the workload is shared.The work now begins to prepare these handlers for their competitions later in the year.
Meanwhile at home our dogs are all looking fit and ready for the agility season ahead. Karen has been very disciplined about implementing our daily fitness routine for both dogs and us! And while this is not too onerous, doing it daily makes steady incremental improvements. I firmly believe that a good exercise routine, a healthy diet (especially the dogs) and plenty of rest and recovery time is a well proven recipe for performance improvements.