Arfon Working Gundog Club – Working Test for AV Retrievers report, 24th April 2016, Anglesey

The Arfon Working Gundog Club held a Working Test for AV Retrievers on the 24th April 2016 at the Flagstaff Quarry, Penmon, Anglesey by kind permission of Sir Richard and Lady Williams-Bulkeley.
The judges were Mike Allen, Kevin Brady, Barry Cooper and Gary McCarthy. The ground was testing but fair with the weather sunny but with a cold wind, there was a good entry of over 60 dogs and thanks must go to the judges, helpers and competitors who ensured the day progressed smoothly with everything completed just after 4 pm. Thanks also to our hosts, and sponsors CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds and Gary McCarthy of Gundog Gear.
Puppies under 12 months   No awards
Puppies up to 18 months
First – Elaine Chappell with Wapsac Wagtail – lab bitch
Second – Ryan McKnight with Blue Lady Willow
Third – Liza Marson with Eastdale Levi
First – Jackie Owen with Suxi Akira of Marianbach
Second – Andy Smith with Glynhinfa Noon
Third – Paul Murphy with Magnificent Maximus
Fourth – Liz Weigh with Trefoel Chartist of Minstead
COMs – Sim Dutton with Shadyucares Teardrop, Elaine Chappell with Crooksber Lark &
David Field with Cowancourt Drummer of Artistryn
First -David Field with FTCH Artistryn Ulrich
Second – Nicola Reynolds with Waysgreen Comet
Third – Victoria Stanley with Minstead Maigret
Fourth – Morwenna Hext-Howe with Labdom Lewis of Minstead
COMs – Suzanne Bailye with Artistryn Usha & Andy Smith with Glunhinfa Noon
photo (l-r) – Nicola Reynolds, Gary McCarthy (Judge), Kevin Brady (Judge), Barry Cooper (Judge), Mike Allen (Judge), Jackie Owen, Elaine Chappell, Suzanne Bailye, Andy Smith, David Field, Victoria Stanley, Morwenna Hext-Howe, Liz Weigh.

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