Jenny, Tiga & Yogi do amazing work searching for lost dogs

Jenny Brown, a very successful canicrosser does amazing work searching for lost dogs with her dogs bella beagle 1 reunited 2Tiga and Yogi. 


In the photo, you can see a beagle being reunited with her owners after Tiga found her.

“If you have a box of tissues just look at the video clip of a Dooley a puggle we helped over the phone to reunite after 13 days – I was grounded with a broken hand and so advised Dooley all the way back! You can hear their 2 year old son guiding him back!” Go to the K9Tracker page on facebook

“Dooley the elusive Puggle, went missing for 12 days, so many sightings, so many times you ran scared, so many miles you covered until experience took control. Your owners listened, you were then allowed to chill and stayed in one area for a few days. The stake out began and it was 2 year old Jack that was the star. He walked round singing Happy Birthday, dragged Dooleys lead in one hand and a fist full of chicken in the other and it wasnt long before Dooley came and ate the chicken – game over!

Tiga and Yogi are still totally amazing me – a beagle was put in a horsebox at the beginning of a journey, by the end of the journey the beagle was not in the box but the jockey door was open. So the beagle had jumped out or fallen out somewhere along the journey. 4 days later Tiga went to track and found the beagle safe!
“Yogi tracked a lakeland terrier to a badger sett and shouted down it – a few hours later the dog came out!” Jenny Brown


Look out for Jenny Brown and Tiga at a new event in Hampshire in August and in Kent in September 2016. They are raising awareness in remembrance of Si & Cush’s charity war dogs.


Find out more about Jenny Brown on our website

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