At Lunartico – all the dogs have championships open now & more adventures to come

Report from Emma Gates

Well what can we say. the first 6 months of 2016 have been absolutely amazing for us at Lunartico…

A quiet start to the year saw Galaxy, Ivan and Bonita all doing extremely well at the shows, with them all winning multiple best of breed and taking the working and pastoral groups respectively. We also picked up several RCAC and RCACIB’s on our European travels.

Crufts was the real start of our show season and what a fantastic day we had. although we had 4 dogs qualified for Crufts, only Ivan attended and was awarded a fantastic 3rd place in a huge class under a highly respected breed specialist Mrs V.Freer.

From then on, the youngsters have continued to exceed all our expectations with constant fantastic results, There are so many to mention but there a quite a few extra special moments that we will certainly cherish. At Utrecht International Show, Netherlands, Ivan was 1st excellent and took the RCAC & RCACIB. Our Galaxy continued to shine by beating some tough competition in the females to take the CAC & CACIB and then went on to win best of breed under respected Dutch Specialist Judge Mrs Giellise.

The superb results continued with Ivan taking several 1st places at Championship shows under several breed specialists, but his highlight so far was at Bath Championship Show in may where he won 1st Limit Dog and went on to take the CC under long standing breed specialist Mrs S Mann, and giving him lifetime Crufts qualification.

We had a wonderful trip to Germany for the 3 day show extravaganza at Dortmund and Hemer, where both Ivan and Galaxy started their Germany National Championships, and Germany Nordic Breeds Specialty Championships. in total we can away with 6 x VDH CAC, 4 x DCNH CAC and 2 x CACIB’s, with Galaxy taking Best Bitch on all 3 days and gaining herelf 3 new titles of Europaseiger Winner ’16, Fruhajasseiger Winner ’16 and Triple Show Winner ’16.

Our most recent trip to Europe is one we will certainly remember for many years to come

At the 2 day International Show at Uden &Miererij, Netherlands, Day 1 saw Ivan take the RCACIB and Galaxy taking the RCAC and RCACIB. Then on Day 2, we had another fantastic day with Ivan starting off by beating some stiff competition and taking the RCAC and CACIB. Then it was Galaxy’s turn, what can I say, she showed her heart out and was awarded the CAC and CACIB and was crowned New Dutch Champion!! We even met a lady who spotted our CSJ jacket and turns out she had bought ‘‘the best collies I’ve ever had” from Ceri Rundle herself.

We are absolutely over the moon with the achievements so far this year, and have many more adventures planned for the remainder of 2016 so watch this space. Galaxy is now officially know as RBIS / NL Ch / Bel JCh Icewolf Strike a Pose de Lunartico Sh.CM / ESg ’16 / WPD, and is the most successful Alaskan Malamute in Wales in recent years, and turns out she has quite a fan base on the continent!!

Our best wishes go to everyone at CSJ and we are eternally grateful for your continued support and hope to share many more fantastic memories with you all over the coming years


warmest regards
Emma & Shane

2nd GSDS WDG WUSV / FCI Qualifier and All Breeds National Championship IPO Trial‏

Posting by Sharon Green

Gordon Setter Club of Scotland Championship Show

Thank you for kindly agreeing to assist with sponsorship for this event, held last weekend in Manchester. Here are the final photos from the show on 7 May 2016. Our Judge was Jayne Bennett (Jesham).

I am pleased to say, the event was a great success, and the help from CSJ with prizes was greatly appreciated.

We decided to provide a bag of CP24 for first place, with Lamb & Rice and Hike On! for second and third. (24 and especially Hike On have proved to be popular sellers at our IPO Club) For all 10 competitors, we provided a goody bag, containing a pack each of Gnaw Rolls! and Dem Bones!, along with some sample packs and literature.

As you may see from the photos above, second place went to Wendy in her first IPO3 level trial, which was a fantastic result. As the event was a qualifier, this result means she is now eligible to join the GB team at the FCI World Championships in Slovenia in September. As Wendy has worked hard for several years toward this achievement, I should not claim that it is entirely down to feeding CSJ and Storm Canis, but I have no doubt that helped!

Thanks again for the support. Next year is our 30th Anniversary as a Club. Both our open and champ shows are going to be, hopefully, very special and full of fun!

Lakes weekend – Mountain Rescue Search Dogs

Lakes weekend

Posting by Georgina Armstrong

This weekend, Tulla travelled up to the Lake District to take part in a talk and demo for the  LDMRSDA seminar 2016.

Along with DVSD dog handlers Dave Marsh and Mike Dermody, we explained the ins and outs of’ Drown Victim search’ and then did a demo showing the very start of training, to a boat search.
It is important for other Search and Rescue teams to see and understand what these dogs can do, so they feel educated enough to call on us in a live search situation.
We were made very welcome and are hoping to organise a training weekend with the Lakes team later this summer.


Blog posting by Vickie Pullin

Managing Director – Arctic Quest
Croft Farm, nestled on the bank of the river Avon, played host to Huskyfest in March. Over 100 sleddogs and their owners descended on the quiet Cotswold village to learn all about running dogs in harness.

Huskyfest, now in it’s 4th year is organised by adventure and training specialists Arctic Quest and the only event of it’s kind in the UK. The focus of the weekend is to learn how to safely run your dog, but the weekend is packed with activities and entertainment to ensure it’s not only the dogs having all the fun.

British team sleddog racer Vickie Pullin heads up the training and CSJ came on board with goody bags and prizes. The event focuses on education and to help owners better understand their canine family member, as well as working sessions, there are also workshops with dog behaviourist Tug Wilson.

Many of the dogs are rescues and both owners and dogs can benefit from understanding how to give their pet the best life possible. Huskyfest, whilst primarily a grass roots event, now has a growing intermediate section, who can learn more complex running tasks, like overtaking, head on passes, etc.

Saturday afternoon sees a fun dog show and then off to the cafe for a presentation about snow racing from Vickie and her team and then a hearty meal whipped up by the Croft Farm Chef. The evening is a great chance to make friends and socialise with like minded people, but most aren’t too late to bed as the next morning is the fun race.

Beginners and intermediates negotiate the course against the clock, with the intermediates racing over a longer track. For most this is their first taste of competition and the ‘no pressure’ format ensures even the most nervous dogs get off the start line and complete the race. There are smiles and wagging tails all round.

Finally the event finishes with prize giving and as well as medals and shields, the winners were also given CSJ dog food and treats to enjoy. Probably the most coveted honour is the Welfare Award, given in recognition of someone that has gone above and beyond for their dogs. This year the whole audience was moved to tears as Maraide Mckensie this years winner relayed her dogs story. These are the sort of dogs who don’t win medals, but probably deserve them the most.

Huskyfest will be back next March and aiming to be even bigger and better

In August Arctic Quest will be running their second Junior Mushing Camp for youngsters to learn about running and looking after dogs, as well as launching the very first dog triathlon series called Tri-Dog, which kicks off with a training weekend in September and finishes with a swim, run and bike race in April 2017.

‘Fish ‘n’ Hips’ chewy treats for spitters!

fishnhipspackshot_528_detailCSJ’s yummy Fish’n’Hips chewy dog treats are brilliant for using to administer tablets and pills.

Dog owners are telling CSJ that they’re easy to press medication into for those crafty dogs that somehow manage to eat a normal treat it’s hidden in…… then spit out the tablet!

But Fish’n’Hips are so tasty the dogs simply gobble them up tablet and all.

So owners can now give medication whilst also maintaining healthy joints as Fish’n’Hips are aimed at combatting stiffness, pain and inflammation and are also suitable for elderly and overweight dogs.

With its blend of 70% low fat white fish plus Devils Claw, Turmeric and Oleogrape there seems to be no end to the versatility of these delicious treats.

Check out Fish‘n’Hips on CSJ’s menu of Natural Herbs and Supplements at

Or call 01745 710470 for more information.

Moray Firth Spaniel & Retriever Club – Summer test 2016

Report by Lorna Gray
Moray Firth Spaniel Test - June 2016
We had a great day at our Summer test this year, the turnout was excellent.

The Moray Firth Spaniel & Retriever Club held their Summer test at Ralia Estate on a beautiful day in early June by the kind permission of Alasdair Findlay. We wish to thank him and his Gamekeeper Alastair Lyon for allowing us back onto the ground again this year. The day was exceptionally well supported by our members and I think it would be fair to say that everyone left happy at the end of the day, I certainly hope so anyway.

The Spaniel tests were generously sponsored by CSJ Specialist Canine Supplies and Tain Pottery and we are thankful for their continued support.

The Judges for the day were Mr John Dickson and Mr Peter Rae. Thanks go to them as well as to the dedicated team of dummy throwers for giving us their time. Willie, Calum and Jimmy, thank you again.

The results were as follows:


1st Martyn Ryan Broomfield Kris ESSd
2nd Kate Robertson Jill Limekiln ESSb
3rd Mark Fallon Bankbrae Viper ESSb


1st Gary Vennard Kildabarra Phoenix ESSd
2nd Martyn Ryan Broomfield Kris ESSd
3rd Alan Pett Quickaway Neptune Cocker/d


1st Stuart Dunn Kirstzo Mr Soft ESSd
2nd Gary Vennard Craigscourt Black Jack ESSd
3rd Gary Vennard Kildabarra Phoenix ESSd


Congratulations to everyone in the awards and thank you once again from the committee to everyone who came along and supported the club.

Thank you again for your sponsorship, the prizes always seem to be very well received.
Best wishes, Lorna.
(Photo L-R: Stuart Dunn, Mark Fallon, Jonathan, Gary Vennard, Alan Pett, Martyn Ryan, Judges John Dickson & Peter Rae
Ryan Hoggan and 10 month old Lexi win 1st place at the Central Scotland Gundog Tests

Ryan Hoggan and 10 month old Lexi win 1st place at the Central Scotland Gundog Tests

Report from Ryan Hoggan

RyanLast Sunday I took my ESS Bitch pup Lexi to the Central Scotland Gundog tests. I entered her into the puppy class as she is only 10 months old and we came away with 1st place – a great result for such a young dog.

Onwards and upwards now and we look forward to competing in the next level which is novice tests. Thanks very much again to CSJ for the continued support.

Ryan Hoggan

Report on The World Agility Open 2016 from Stuart Harmes

StHarmesWAO Team Wales 2016‏

As Team manager for the Third year running for World Agility Open Team Wales, I would like to congratulate the entire team on a very successful year. 

Many stand out performances from some talented partnerships. We achieved podium places as a Team,  (second Place)  and  two overall  individual medals! Congrats to Susie Josty and Oz and Rosie Cavill and Dare  on their great performance, bronze and silver medals! And to all who ran in the Team events:

The World Agility Open is a won
derful event, and you all represented Wales admirably.  We had some new and young team members this year, and one thing I love about this event is that it provides opportunities for people to experience agility on a world stage –  and proudly represent their Nation. People from all walks of life, and indeed people with all sorts of dogs! Representing your Nation is an honor in any sport, and I do hope that the lasting memories from 2016 will be cherished, and performances and skills built on.  I do hope that the whole team enjoyed their experience, and we look forward to planning the ‘Try outs’ for Ermelo (Holland)  next year!

Thanks again for all of your support both as a team, and to our Sponsors without whom, the costs of these international events would be prohibitive for many Team members- so Thankyou CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, I hope we did you proud

Stuart Harmes

Team Manager WAO Team Wales.

Find out more abaout Start Harmes

Unlock the Power of Turmeric Extract


Why Turmeric Is One of the Most Powerful Foods on the Planet

Did you know that the turmeric plant has a very long history of medicinal use, dating back nearly 4000 years? 

Today science has begun to recognise turmerics importance –  over 3000 publications dealing with turmeric have been produced within the last 25 years.

Happy to say our Fish ‘n’ Hips! treats contains turmeric


Our delicious semi-moist, natural fish treats contain 70% white fish with Devils Claw, Turmeric and Oleogrape to help support dogs’ joints.

Highly palatable and low in fat so Fish ‘n’ Hips! are the perfect treats for older and/overweight dogs. Air-dried for extra flavour and ideal as a reward.

Fish ‘n’ Hips also work as a super easy way of encourage your dog to take a tablet. Just squash it into the treat and watch your dog chomp it up!

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Proven benefits of turmeric include:

Helps Protect Brain Cells

Turmeric binds to and dissolves abnormal proteins in the brain, helping to protect them from damage.  It reduces one of the main factors of memory loss… Brain plaque.

Helps Maintain a Healthy Inflammatory Response

Studies confirm Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant.  Antioxidants can fight free radicals and may reduce or even help prevent some of the damage they cause. Turmeric lowers the levels of two enzymes in the body that cause inflammation.

Helps a healthy heart

It can support the heart by saving it from the damaging effects of chronic inflammation. Like us, our pets are susceptible to blood clots and excess cholesterol. You may have heard of LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol). Well turmeric has been found to lower LDL levels which support both heart and liver health.

In addition, turmeric helps to thin the blood, reducing the risk of deadly clots that can lead to strokes and heart attacks. It’s important not to thin your dog’s blood too much, but the right amount can be helpful.


Helps Maintain a Positive Attitude

Studies have shown noticeable and promising results with turmeric for supporting a balanced mood.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Research shows that turmeric inhibits a key enzyme (elastase) that reduces the ability of elastin from forming. Elastin, along with collagen, is a protein needed for making skin smooth and pliable.

Enhances Detoxification

Turmeric stimulates the liver enhancing its ability to detoxify the body from metals, heavy metals and other toxins clogging up your system.

Our environment is becoming more and more toxic and that not only affects us, it impacts dogs as well. Dogs are susceptible to toxins in the environment and in their food.

The liver plays a significant role in removing toxins from the body. Think of the liver as the main industrial centre for the body. It’s involved in nearly every biochemical process required to run the body. The body’s abilities to clot blood, to breakdown harmful toxins, and to remove waste and store energy, are all affected by the liver. It is a major player in your pet’s digestion, storing vitamins and producing bile which is necessary to break down fat. It’s a pretty important piece of machinery for your dog’s overall health.

Curcumin in turmeric is believed to stimulate bile production necessary for the digestion of fat in the liver. Active dogs need at least 20% fat in their diet; therefore, bile production is critical for good health.

In short, turmeric boosts the liver’s ability to metabolise fat and remove waste from the body.


Anti-Cancer Properties

There are now reports coming out claiming that turmeric may help in the fight against cancer! This powerful antioxidant plays a significant role in preventative medicine.

Curcumin is the active ingredient of turmeric. In a study at UCLA, doctors found that curcumin seemed to block the cancer promoting enzyme that stimulates the growth of head and neck cancer. The Department of Small Animal Clinical Scientists has conducted studies that show that curcumin can inhibit tumour growth and may even shrink existing tumours. This has to do with the spice’s amazing ability to shut down blood vessels that feed tumours.

Antioxidant properties are also helpful in reducing the negative side effects of chemotherapy.

Other Uses

Here are a few more uses for turmeric:

  • Aids in the treatment of epilepsy
  • Helps relieve allergies
  • Helps in preventing the formation of cataracts
  • Used in treating depression (Yes, dogs can get depressed too)
  • Kills parasites
  • Heals stomach ailments, aids in digestive disorders, and reduces gas and bloating
  • Acts as a binding agent and therefore great for treating diarrohea (Make sure you have lots of water available for your pet to drink!)
  • Aids in fat metabolism and weight management
  • High in fibre and rich in vitamins and mineral





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New press release – Rally Obedience – from Pugs to Bernese Mountain Dogs

Little girl with Tollers 25.5.16

Photo: Budding Rally handler with Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Reflecting the growing popularity of Rally Obedience there were 170 entries
at the first competition run by Best Paw Forward Rally Obedience Club at Melton Mowbray on 24th April.

The competition was sponsored by CSJ, who have a long tradition of support for dog sports – from show to Sleddog racing – and organiser Sabine Kanzaria said, “It went brilliantly, everyone commented on how well run the show was and what a great venue it was. Rally Obedience is growing, especially now that it will have its own inter regional competition at Crufts from 2017.”

She went on, “Our success shows that Rally is for every breed from Dachshund to Pug to Bernese Mountain Dog.”

For more information on Rally contact Sabine Kanzaria on 07985113020 or for CSJ products check out