Mark Laker’s Agility Blog‏ – June 2016

Blog posting from Mark Laker
Photo: NTU set up for the team
The competition season is well underway now.
The agility ‘roadshow’ moves around the country each week as competitors compete for places at the top events like Crufts and Olympia and to move up the grades with their dogs. Socialising with friends, having lots of weekend breaks and generally having a good time is also very much what agility is all about. There’ll be a big competition each weekend from now until September.
I’ve lost track of the number of week-long camps and agility holidays there are; I often joke that “There is an agility competition going on somewhere in the UK everyday of the year”. Generally people now have more leisure time and flexible working arrangements. If there’s a competition going on, someone will be there.
Agility Team GB have held their first training day at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) with the newly selected 2016 team. We had a full day focusing on helping handlers plan for this years international competitions. For me a big part of a successful team is having a group of handlers who work well together and support each other. I got good vibes from this years team, there is a healthy mix of experienced and new handlers to international competition, I’m feeling confident for them.
At the end of the month we hold our second and final team day before the European Open Championships in Calais. We’re hoping to see many of our sponsors at this day when we’ll be giving the team their official team clothing and other goodies so lots of picture opportunities.

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