Report on The World Agility Open 2016 from Stuart Harmes

StHarmesWAO Team Wales 2016‏

As Team manager for the Third year running for World Agility Open Team Wales, I would like to congratulate the entire team on a very successful year. 

Many stand out performances from some talented partnerships. We achieved podium places as a Team,  (second Place)  and  two overall  individual medals! Congrats to Susie Josty and Oz and Rosie Cavill and Dare  on their great performance, bronze and silver medals! And to all who ran in the Team events:

The World Agility Open is a won
derful event, and you all represented Wales admirably.  We had some new and young team members this year, and one thing I love about this event is that it provides opportunities for people to experience agility on a world stage –  and proudly represent their Nation. People from all walks of life, and indeed people with all sorts of dogs! Representing your Nation is an honor in any sport, and I do hope that the lasting memories from 2016 will be cherished, and performances and skills built on.  I do hope that the whole team enjoyed their experience, and we look forward to planning the ‘Try outs’ for Ermelo (Holland)  next year!

Thanks again for all of your support both as a team, and to our Sponsors without whom, the costs of these international events would be prohibitive for many Team members- so Thankyou CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, I hope we did you proud

Stuart Harmes

Team Manager WAO Team Wales.

Find out more abaout Start Harmes

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