‘Fish ‘n’ Hips’ chewy treats for spitters!

fishnhipspackshot_528_detailCSJ’s yummy Fish’n’Hips chewy dog treats are brilliant for using to administer tablets and pills.

Dog owners are telling CSJ that they’re easy to press medication into for those crafty dogs that somehow manage to eat a normal treat it’s hidden in…… then spit out the tablet!

But Fish’n’Hips are so tasty the dogs simply gobble them up tablet and all.

So owners can now give medication whilst also maintaining healthy joints as Fish’n’Hips are aimed at combatting stiffness, pain and inflammation and are also suitable for elderly and overweight dogs.

With its blend of 70% low fat white fish plus Devils Claw, Turmeric and Oleogrape there seems to be no end to the versatility of these delicious treats.

Check out Fish‘n’Hips on CSJ’s menu of Natural Herbs and Supplements at www.csjk9.com

Or call 01745 710470 for more information.

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