Pink Ribbon Sunday trial‏

Results for open trial.
Pink Ribbon
Posting info from  Elaine Hill

Tony Iley judged 75 dogs.

  1. Peter Telfer with Bling 93/100 points
  2. Larry Cowper with Spot 92 points
  3. Bevis Jordan with Angel 91 points
  4. David Henderson with Star 87 points
  5. Ross Watson with Nidd 86 points
  6. Joe Relph with Dell 86 points
 Young handler under 6 yo class: 2 competitors

Winner – Cassidy Patterson (Whitfield) with Kendal

Young handler under 8 yo class: 3 competitors:

Winner – Brooke Patterson (Whitfield) with Kendal

Young handler class under 10 yo:3 competitors:

Winner – Murray Common (Lockerbie) with Queen

New handler class: 12 competitors,winner Murray Common with Grit.

Novice class: 22 competitors:

1 Hazel Jackson (Co Durham) with Jill 80/90 points
2 Murray Common with Grit 78
3 Hazel Jackson with Bess 77
4 Jeanette Moscrop (Newcastle) with Beck 77
5 Astrip Estep (Germany) with Eli 75
6 Jacquie L’Etang (Lanark) with Gyp 73

All judged by Bevis Jordan

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