Winners from the CSJ final at Scottish Game Fair – Perth‏


The CSJ Final was held at Scottish Game Fair, Scone Palace , Perth on Sunday July 3rd. It was held run in the main ring and consisted of an invitational event in the morning and the final in the afternoon.

The 30 dogs and handlers (20 large dogs, 5 small and 5 medium) previously qualified at one of five heats held in Scotland during the spring of 2016. They represented some of the best dog and handler teams from Scotland and the north of England.

This year’s Judge was Cathy Keith from east Lothian who also judged agility at Crufts 2016.

Invitational event results
Winner large -Donna Kerse and ace (border collie)from Scottish Borders
Winner medium –  Jacqui tarn (Barnard castle) … Need to check her collies pet name
Winner small mark – Bruce and Sindy ( terrier) from west Lothian

Final results
Winner large – Donna Kerse and ace… Note this is the first time anyone has won both the large invitational and final event!
Winner medium – Steven Richardson and Libby (X breed) who are sponsored by csj and come from cumbria
Winner small mark – Bruce and Sindy

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