26.7.2016 – I weigh 27kg. That means I’ve lost 7 grams!

Lottie the overweight spaniel Lottie5has lost another 7 grams, so she now weighs in at 27kg.

Life is looking up for Lottie. Now signed off by the doctor’s surgery, her owner Rachel says that she can start exercising Lottie, which should help with further weight loss. Rachel says ‘She just hopes her old age doesn’t stop her… The vets think Lottie had such a massive weight loss to start off that now her body needs to adjust.’

Latest chest measurements for Lottie show:

26.7.2016 – 27″ behind the front paws – that’s half an inch less than two weeks ago

26.7.2016 – 31″ in front of the back paws – that’s a further loss of half an inch.

Lottie goes outside

“This photo is particularly special as Lottie was terrified of being out in the garden on her own. She thought she was going to be left out there, so to see her relaxed made me so proud of her. She is turning into such a happy and special girl” Rachel

Lottis settles in

Lottie has settled in to family life and is loving being loved…
Lottie 7
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